Is online gambling allowed in Ecuador?

However, the given rules don’t cover the phenomenon of Ecuador online gambling, as it isn’t specified when it comes to the gambling bans and restrictions. Besides, we will plunge into the legal aspects of the online gambling Ecuador and consider the key laws, which have influenced its development. As an icing on a cake, you will receive a list of the best online casinos for Ecuador players to take a full advantage of. So, when it comes to the offline and online gambling license Ecuador authorities don’t issue one, even if ECS casino online isn’t banned officially. Technically, there is no specific law regulating offline and online gambling industry Ecuador owns, as all the betting houses are banned due to the Executive Decree No. 873 adopted on September 9, 2011. When it comes to online casino Ecuador legal wagering, you should be at least 18 to have a right to gamble. In addition to the foreign sites, there are a lot of the reputable online casinos Ecuador, which don’t have a license, but conduct the fair gambling policy. However, to be on the safe side, Slotopus offer you exclusively legal online casinos Ecuador websites, which operate under the valid world-recognized license. The local authorities don’t issue the licenses for the betting websites that is why there are no Ecuador approved online casinos in the country. Online gambling Ecuador legal aspect may not seem very interesting for you, especially if you can’t wait to proceed to playing. This chapter will provide you with the comprehensive answers to all your questions about online gambling laws Ecuador possesses, for you to be on the safe side while wagering. This is quite difficult question to answer, as the gambling online Ecuador, as well as offline one, has never been properly regulated. Due to the absence of the notion of gambling in the country, there is no specific online gambling authority Ecuador to regulate it. Even if the land-based gambling entities are officially banned, there is no law, which would prohibit the operation of the online betting sites. However, there are no best online casinos for Ecuadorian players, which would be officially licensed by the local authorities, as the state bodies of Ecuador do not issue gambling licenses any more. So, if you cannot find Ecuador online casino reviews by yourself, be sure, we have selected only the best examples of gambling websites for you.

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