Payment Methods

If to talk about the best paying online casino Cyprus, it is definitely the one, which offers a wide variety of payment methods, with the help of which you can wager and withdraw your money. The money operations while dealing with the top rated online casinos Cyprus can be performed via credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets like PayPal , Skrill , and Neteller , another local payments services. As a rule, this information is clearly displayed on the top Cypriot online casinos websites, indicating all the terms and conditions including the time period which is needed for each operation to be performed. While we are waiting for this Dream to become a reality, let’s enjoy our top 10 Cypriot online casinos, chosen to offer you unbelievable emotions and, what is the most important, safe play. These are only the best online casinos for Cypriot players, featuring a valid license, nice games, and clear payment policy

Every online casino will require you to withdraw your money to the same payment method you used to fund your account. Online gambling is an industry that offers ample opportunity to criminals wishing to launder money and with this being a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of gambling sites around the world, certain laws and regulations have to be in place to prevent these criminals. Legitimate online gambling and betting sites may be targeted and used by criminal gangs to disguise the source of illegal funds. A player can deposit money under a false name and wager a minimal amount before withdrawing it from the account, thus providing a new source for the funds. If, however, you are, for whatever reason, found to be depositing and withdrawing money without genuine play, you will of course be liable to have your account suspended and indeed the circumstances will be investigated by the authorities

Online casinos that are regulated and are complying with these laws have to carry out these checks, whereas if a casino is not regulated and does not comply with anti-money laundering laws, it is likely to be targeted by these criminals. A player either walks into a casino or plays online and deposits or buys chips with illicit cash. They must know that the source of the funds are not illicit funds and for this reason they can only allow any winnings to go back to this method once it has been verified as legitimate by the security department. If the verification process showed that the source of the funds was not legitimate, the withdrawal would be cancelled and the account could be frozen and the player will inevitably be banned. As well as the casino comply with these anti-money laundering regulations, any withdrawals that would go to a different payment method than the one used to deposit would incur extremely high fees for the casino

Make sure the source of funds you use to deposit is solely yours and you will never fall in danger of breaking any money laundering laws. Over the years, online casino players have been fairly spoilt by many brands offering dozens of different deposits and cashout options. While the casino could easily have offered other options such as NETELLER or PayPal, Jackpot Happy does not accept any such payment methods. Playing Voodoo Shop for real cash can be costly, so if you don’t have much experience playing online slots, we suggest you first play this casino game for free before you play for real money. To play Voodoo Shop with real cash, you need to hold a player account in your own name at a casino that offers the game

Once you get yourself a player account, you will then need to load it with some real cash by using your debit/credit card, bank account, e-wallet, or whatever payment method the casino offers that’s convenient for you. There are casinos that offer the fastest withdrawals online and there are also operators that take more than one business day to process player payments.

History of Gambling in Cyprus

Due to the Betting Act 2012, passed by Cyprus government and banning all the CYP casinos, not offering sports betting, many of the local and overseas online casinos accepting Cyprus players were added to the state blacklist, which was regarded as a discrimination by the European Community, taking into account the fact that OPAP (Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A) gained the complete monopoly on the island. In terms of the online gambling Cyprus legislation owns several laws, regulating this phenomenon. These are Betting Act 2012, NBA Directives and Regulations, the Prevention of Counterfeiting and Money Laundering Activities Law of 2007, Gambling Act 2015 and others. When we talk about CYP casino, no matter land-based or online one, the single authority, which issues regulations, is National Betting Authority (NBA) . Let’s learn about the main Cypriot online gambling laws and take a closer look at the legal aspect of online gambling industry Cyprus in general in a form of the most frequently asked questions. If to talk about online gambling license Cyprus has the one, issued according to Betting Act 2012, which can be awarded only to traditional betting houses, excluding horse racing (Class A) and to sports betting websites, again excluding horse racing (Class B). At the moment the online sports betting is the only activity for legitimate online casinos Cyprus players are allowed to be engaged at.

Casino Gaming Options

Before starting wagering on any of the Cypriot casinos online, check the quality and the variety of games it offers.


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