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Afi4wins 26 Apr 2019
I'm 90% sure I used the free chip from Ask Gambler but I could be wrong.I'm going to be upfront and tell you I have little or nothing positive to say about this casino.The saying "if you don't have something good to say don't say it all" goes out the window when it comes to reviewing something, especially online casinos.The reason is plain & simple it saves other people time and money, and time is money so by not telling the truth your doing a disservice to others. because after 10 minutes I knew I would never spend a dime here.First of all the support is built right into the casino software.So to get a bonus you have to contact the support guy/gal and they give you a hard time to get it, and make sure to fill out your profile before you ask for it, because they make you fill it out and sometimes (like in my case will ignore you for 10 minutes).Once you finally get it, you are more likely to hit a Jackpot, than them not trying to offer some sort of deposit bonus.Not only that but they randomly will bug you throughout while your playing, and you can't stop it, because like I said the Chat is always showing.A lot of my Top Game reviews will seem similar but no 2 will be the same.
zerooo 26 Apr 2019
About 10 years ago, I made a deposit and made a $500 win at Winward Casino, but my withdrawal claim was declined, which I later found out was due to not having satisfied their stipulated terms and conditions, which were totally ridiculous at that point in time.
Irine 26 Apr 2019
So naturally, Top Game casinos become one of their regular venues, not a good selection of casinos or games by any standard, but better than having none to play at. I would not have even played at another Winward group of casinos if not because of the serious problem I was having with one of their sister casino, namely 7Reels. Nothing else in this entire online gambling business can even compare with the rottenness of Winward's terms and conditions! For me, I somehow managed to make a lucky $500 win at Winward Casino with that deposit and bonus I mentioned earlier on. No bad words could justify what I had wanted to say to the chat guy about Winward Casino!
msharp011 26 Apr 2019
The $30 free money work and qualified for new players only and it has a wagering of99 times the bonus i know it's very huge but remember it's a FREE money! Well i didn't expect to cash out that bonus instead i used it as my stepping stone because i'm a newbie i need more experience than winnings. The problem about being a newbie is that you don't know how the withdrawal works.
sencize 26 Apr 2019
After playing for an hour I asked what the rules where. Mind you I've been chatting with Dan the live chat guy through out my time playing.
rafinhajt 26 Apr 2019
This casino does not respect it's commitments regarding the welcome offer.
blondie 26 Apr 2019
An also, reported them to the gaming commission here in Croatia, and also to the OLAF.
Imvikas911 26 Apr 2019
Not long ago i signed up with winward casino to take advantage of their thirty dollar no deposit bonus.I signed up mostly to have some fun because wagering requirements was a bit to high ninety nine times.One other reason i decided to play at this casino was their top game platform which i haven't played a lot and wanted to learn more about it.This casino offers very quick sign up and gives you no deposit money instantly which i liked very much.
zebra592005 26 Apr 2019
This casino does not respond to emails.If you want to stop gambling and cancel your account they will ignore you.
casinoian87 26 Apr 2019
In my case, after several withdrawal declinations, after waiting more than 3 months, they finally told me that my account would be suspended for a while for this thorough scrutinisation process.
nicb1784 04 Feb 2019
Sure, I understand, make a deposit to have fun on an online casino. BUT, it's always nice to make a deposit and play what you want with a bonus. Each deposits were having fun on the slots I enjoy and that lasted about 10 mins. Nice, I wasn't planning on withdrawing that...just wanted to play the fun slots I enjoy. I would then type "can I make a deposit?" One second later "sure I'll give you a bonus!" Well I would respond "actually I am still playing through my last deposit how much more to play all slot?" They would respond "5k".
Lima662 04 Feb 2019
I download their software and then register on this casino and get the bonus claimed manually from the live chat support staff.I liked that they did not ask a lot of things before giving me my bonus and just gave it after asking my name username and email id. i hit the bonus round for the first time and then three piles of banana were there and i had to chose one from them.
TheRaven 04 Feb 2019
I found a 30$ no deposit bonus in my mail a few days ago so I decided to give them a try. I started playing on a minimum bet and soon my balance dropped to 20$. A few days ago I played the new Graveyard Shift so I decided to give her a try. I continued to play on the same 1.25 bet, got a few descent wins but eventually lost all of my balance.
drunkenwinner 04 Feb 2019
Then I saw a ND bonus for Winward Casino I wanted to try. I was offered up to 500 % for my first deposit which most likely will never happen and after I found out about this TC I don't want to even think of bonus requirements. The one I have claimed is a 20 dollars ND and 99x bonus wager and it is silly.
MacdoniS 09 Aug 2018
Somewhere I saw that Winward casino gives 25$ free, if you contact the live chat and tell them the code. I got a response from them very quickly, and after a little chat, when I claimed the code, I was given a 10 no deposit bonus. But I think, if a casino actually gives a free chip to only try their games, the amount should be many times larger than 10.
LGB 29 Aug 2017
Thank god I cancelled my account with them.
None 19 Aug 2017
You can probably play...and maybe even win on this casino...if you want to give it a shot with no bonus. So good luck...deposit...choose no bonus if you want a chance to win. If you want a penny arcade experience where you are just paying to play the games with no opportunity to win...well take the bonus and enjoy.
hajnrih 01 Jan 2017
To make some decent cashout the player needs to have 3 successful deposits made and be member of the casino for 6 months! Winward Casino you need to change your awful Terms, I just wonder who plays here, do they people actually agree on this and invest in casinos such this one?
honestdude 30 Jan 2016
Lastly, Winward casino is good in terms of their customer representative but has the limitation from their skill competencies they're fine serving but needs some revision of servicing among of the their other sister casino.