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szirtisas 26 Apr 2019
Thebes Casino is another casino that uses Top Game software. Off course all Top Game casinos offer some no deposit bonus and that is the case with Thebes Casino also. But in some other Top Game casinos that I have played in the wager was 99 x bonus. Overall Thebes casino offers free money.
Mshella29 26 Apr 2019
You have blackjack, well so does the dealer, push.
raspoet 26 Apr 2019
I ended up winning over $1000, but you cannot tell what you have wagered except through live chat, ( no report that I could find). By the evening of Feb. 1st I was told that I made it through the wagering. Also be careful, because there are many games you cannot play, once you have spent your initial deposit.I couldn't quite figure it out, but chat said you need to deposit again for those games, even though there was plenty of money in my account?
chestigo 26 Apr 2019
When I browse in the ask gamblers no deposit list I saw I can claim a no deposit bonus on the Thebes casino, they uses top game software so they arent my favorites but I always give a chance to the free money, the only thing what I worry about is this their pay outs. (Usually the top game casinos had a tons of the uses complaints.)
zocksteff 26 Apr 2019
I did not like that they do not have the instant play mode for the casino as downloading and all takes a lot of time and it really irritates me so in the end i just had to download the software and then registered and got the bonus in the end. Then after some spins i hi the red diamonds thing with the same ring that i hit earlier but this time my win was 1.40$ .
malaren 26 Apr 2019
I never liked at TopGame casinos that the right side chat window cant be closed or minimized and cover up almost the of the casino screen. It seems that TopGame places dont want the future possible depositors who use their free money to get to know their games to have some sense of achievement as all of these promotions have an almost impossible WR to complete. Anyway, my main problem with TopGames slots is their free spin and bonus features.
Afi4wins 19 Apr 2019
They have a 70 times wager where as most of the casinos from top game have 99 times play through so that was a good point in this casino.I got to the action with bankroll reload and big band and these were classic slots and my start was really very slow and i was not impressed by this. I have never gotten a single free spin features in any top game casino slot game ever and i am still eagerly waiting for that day.I had very little balance left so tried my luck with Bj and roulette here i stayed for the longest because i was good here and was getting action.
Imvikas911 24 Mar 2019
Thebes Casino runs TopGame software. I created my account after I saw they offer no deposit bonus of 30$. I didn't know which game to play, because I never play games powered by TopGame software. I played it some time, later I won bonus game and from it I won 1$. I don't liked game software, I didn't managed to win from free chips and cleared the wager requirements of bonus.
Thomas Y. 09 Feb 2019
Personally, I had not much grudge against Thebes casino, except for not liking their Bonus terms, which were similar across all their casinos, so I just accepted that fact. Nonetheless, the terms are still not to my liking, but at least they are now slightly better than what they were before. Well, it looks like nothing's gonna change, so Thebes Casino will remain a permanently out-of-bounds casino for me. Still, new intending players are advised to look into the casino's terms first before signing up or making a deposit.
katemak 04 Feb 2019
Honestly I dont trust any of the Top game casinos so thats the reason I have never deposited in any of them, because they have rarely good customer support and if we are talking about their payout time frame I think we will wait a bit longer time, I am not saying they are not paying, so maybe they are, but with a big delay and not any player doesnt like that.
raonocomaa 04 Feb 2019
I found out shortly after none of the BONUS funds can be used to play any of their good slots, or live blackjack. I thought it was a bug, but after talking to tech support they said that all of the winnings from 7 monkeys were not usable on any of the good slots or live blackjack. So all of the money I wagered on 7 monkeys was lost and now I have a balance of 10$ to play blackjack and the better slots, and a balance of 97$ to play on their crappy slots only.
Banjo 19 Jan 2018
I switched to Thebes from Bovada because they stopped running some of the slots that I liked and Thebes had them.
FrancisJ14 19 Jan 2018
So I contacted them and they said why don't your try some video slots I did end up wining some money off that an there is one game I really like on there but I really like table games and are hard to win any money on now because of the limit. I had asked them why it was lowered again and they said that its what your VIP level is set to that.
Sloanman 29 Aug 2017
This time I decided to join Thebes casino for their free chip. I was surprised and disappointed at the same time, because Top Game is just a headache for me, most of the casinos bring me unpleasant emotions. I didn't understand what he was talking about, because that was the first time I visited Thebes casino, I had never signed up there before and no one with my address too. After my irritating, short-answered chat I asked to delete my account.
blondie 24 Jun 2016
I asked him how many deposits I had made he replied "this is your first".