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Toiletseat 01 Mar 2018
I think such casino rooms must be shut down because they are spoiling the names of all the other because now every time I join a new room this is the first that comes to mind that what if something like this happens again.
None 01 Mar 2018
7 stars like always, minuses is lack of promotion, because they sometimes just send some bonuses and nothing else like tournaments for example, and second minus is very long withdrawal, also this is not good to allow player to cancel withdrawal for 4 days, many will be tempted to reverse it and start playing again.
aemakgol 01 Mar 2018
Match up bonuses are only good to increase our play time and bet and the wagering and all is really not my thing. Thai Paradise was the first game I played on this casino site.
Zeljko777 01 Mar 2018
Next morning I decided to take another play and another kind of their slot I so that I will finish the wagering requirements. It's evening when I completed the whole wagering I thought that they only needed my verification documents but when Im trying to process the withdrawal the customer representative contacted me and said that my withdrawal will be hold because of trouble shooting it seems that my account is a kind of weird at that time. They said that my account is being experience under some kind of bug and I need to complete the wagering process I said that I finished it already but they said it's because of some sort of but while Im playing so I play again to fulfill my wagering I am very angry at that time because they didn't contacted me immediately.
nicky909 28 May 2017
Of course I like such bonuses, and also I should say that all Playtech casinos giving away such offers for your first deposits, also very nice thing that sometimes they just put some free cash on your account without any restriction and you can play a bit and then withdraw. Only one bad thing with this casinos it is that their bonuses for deposit not withdrawable, and they just taken away after your request cashout.
vaibhavsingh 27 May 2017
My gaming experience was quick with this casino, but nonetheless I had a blast trying out their slots, and wasting my bonuses right away, haha! All in all, games selection is B at best, Live Chat would be an A, and overall feel to the site would be a C+.
nikita11 20 May 2017
Sky Kings Playtech software is almost 100% identical to the other WHG casinos, only graphics and layout are different. Like all other WHG casinos the 24/7 live support is friendly and really takes care of you in a professional way. Recently they have changed their wagering requirements involving (live) roulette. After a relative larger win at another WHG casino, I got ruled out of Sky Kings live games. Strange, since I did not withdraw from Sky Kings, and I still was able to play live games at the other WHG casino.
Irine 05 Oct 2016
If you prefer traditional casino games then its worth looking at the blackjack and roulette tables as well. I would rate this casino highly mainly because of their bonus structure.
JK121212 28 Sep 2016
It has been a long time since I set foot inside my casino account at Sky Kings. Sky Kings casino presented me this high 400% match bonus for a minimum $20 deposit. Taking my time trying to wagering off my bonus. The wagering for the $80 is subjected to 20 times my deposit and bonus. As such this safe cracker video slot contains intriguing money values that kept me here for hours. I know this sounds stupid but when it this video slot cooperates with me I just know it is only a matter of time before I can make a cashout. Inside the bonus round I was presented with 3 safes to open. The most I withdraw was $170 mainly because every time I spun the reels on Spin 2 Million it gave me different values, some were losses while others were bigger than my bets.
yapro 15 Jun 2016
Anyways, Sky Kings is part of the casinos found in Eurogrand, 21Nova and William Hill. I just happen to carry my deposits of $30 and $50 into the casino with no help to their bonuses. I don't mind having random triggered bonus as long as it comes often but with 3 scatters sometimes they act like they want my fingers slammed in between a door, it's hard to land sometimes! I just happen to have them at the right time to take away the bonus when I didn't need it. They need to just make more of an image for Sky Kings like how they made Eurogrand!
goldenmember 05 Mar 2016
The withdrawal is still pending.