Contents of the review

The review showed that Stride had failed to conduct proper and consistent monitoring of its relationships with customers. Stride had not even enacted proper due diligence practices for customers, particularly in high-risk circumstances, and failed to keep proper records. Stride also failed to make inquiries into the source of funds of 742 of its customers. Further, Stride had not made or enacted any procedures or policies for risk management, nor had it trained its staff to identify and deal with any customer transactions that could be nefarious. In the future, the size of fines imposed by the UKGC will continually escalate until the sector shapes up its compliance practices .

Stride’s response

Stride is also appointing additional staff in the area of compliance.

888 Holdings historic fine

888 Holdings has an online casino, sports betting, poker and bingo platforms that are popular across the world. The UKGC discovered that 888 failed to prevent more than 7,000 people who partook in self exclusion policies to continue to gamble through its various online platforms.

UK Online Bingo Site Fined Over £7m

Stride Gaming, a United Kingdom online bingo platform, is facing a £7.1m fine for  compliance failures, following an earlier warning after a review in the fall.