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chriskay 28 Jun 2017
Hands off, it's better.
yyorkk 28 Jun 2017
I made my deposit on a button in the casino where you will receive a bonus of 40 free spins.
nikita11 02 May 2016
For starters I placed a $5 during the betting period before the Blackjack Dealer announces everyone "No more bets Ladies and Gentlemen" while quoting in an upbeat manner "Good Luck"! What I intend to do is make a split for a chance to win more money as the sexy Blackjack Dealer held a 6 as one of her whole cards. I felt like holding two kings are almost an automatic win so long as the Dealer doesn't get a 20 for a push, a 21 from getting a 5 with a face card or any other combination or a Blackjack which I know for a fact the Dealer is far from getting! As I was the last person to act the Blackjack dealer used her 6 of spades to flip over the mystery card. So as the Blackjack Dealer hit one more card she got a 10 of Diamonds making her 27 bust. She says after she busts her hand "Congratulations to all of you and Good Luck in the next round!!".
stars_cream 08 Mar 2016
REEF CLUB CASINO has become one of the terrible casinos.
None 15 Feb 2016
I lost my 40 euro deposit but lase for quite long and was a little happy about it because their were some really good moments I had in this casino site. They have a good selection of games as they have 2 platforms in a single casino site.
123bagi 15 Feb 2016
I have played several times lately at Reef Club Casino and have always the same game (SLOT) played.