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szirtisas 29 Mar 2018
I went to the cashier and after I entered my bonus code and I deposited 20 euro via by neteller. I get the whole money and I started to play with unusual slots, the first was the peek physique with 1 euro bets. After I played with that slot about an hour I wagered my money.
Irine 29 Mar 2018
My Birthday is November 7th, so I ask support on my birthday if they have a birthday promotion for depositors, I was told no.I keep playing there and on December 1st around 8-9am I get email, you are eligible for a free $20 chip during your birthday month.I go to support, and they say there is nothing they can do, its December, after a back and forth to put it lightly I got 10 free spins on Bucksy Malone for 1cent 1 coin per line, so 4.00 in free spins, no $20 chip.Now I have said this before, if a casino pisses me off, lies to me or screws me over I move on, and take action.I stopped depositing at Big Dollar for months until they teamed up with Villa Fortuna for that medals promo, Coincidently I found out on chat that if I verified my phone number Id get free spins on villa and BS Dollar casino, I ended up getting them.That weekend I deposit at Villa Fortuna for the 1st medals promo they ran, around 1-3 days after my phone conformation and the guy who I spoke to was one of the few legit support guys over there.I hit a blue on Bucksy Malone got my 10 spins at 5 coins a spin, so 20$ in spins, then long story short I deposit the next day, blow 40$ to hit a blue on a 50 line game the fruit themed game, and the moron in support couldnt find my medal, I ended up going through pages of playback and find him the game number.He goes ok here you go 10 free spins at tomahawk (at 1 cent a line), I was like guy do you even know what promo is going on, I want my 10 free spins 5 coins a piece at the game I got the medal, he had me on hold for about 15 minutes and goes you can keep the free spins at Tomohawk, and Ive credited an additional 52 at Horns of Plenty (the fruit game lol), I was thats fantastic thanks!! So I found this code for Lake Palace and it was for $20 in free spins, again it didnt work, so I uninstalled and re-downloaded it from the affiliates link (It still wont work if you enter the code,but they are able to manually credit it, dont ask me how or why but it does) so I go back on chat that same night and go I didnt win 1 spin on that last set of free spins, Im having the worst luck of my life this week, nothing is going right these spins wont work either, Im a failure, and I cant even find a casino I have luck at, so when I get half his money, I probably will play at a different set of casinos, and then all of a sudden she goes the spins have been credited go play and it could be worse at least you have your health, and I go well thats going as well, you have been very helpful god bless you.Its funny how these support staff decide who gets to receive a bonus and who doesnt.Anyways I won $18 and change on the spins.I decided to play one of the 9 line games, the Roll Up, Roll Up game, and I ran it up to $120, then I played Road Trip Max ways, and finished the play through, with about $40, $22 of which I could keep.I ended up losing almost all the games I played after that, poker, slots, even BJ.I notice this with a lot of casinos, yet I do it anyways, once I meet the play through on a chip, I lose badly if I keep playing.I remember one time; I kept playing after I made a play through on an RTG chip, and registered in 4 tournaments, one with 100 people, one with 65, two with just 3 people.
casinoian87 18 Jul 2016
The askgambler offers an exclusive bonus to their players via Lake Palace a total of $750 for the first to third deposit but i will tell you my experienced here when i first deposited and got the 100% bonus. Okay back when i deposited $50 bucks to Bet Lake Palace Casino i tried something that i like the most their promotion. The 2 games is packed of multiple bonus round specially the Small soldier slot thats the amusing feature of this casino when i was spinning i hit the 2 wild officer and 3 pilot i rewarded 6 free spin with 4 times multiplier because of two bonus!
blondie 18 Jul 2016
I am a member in 2 of them, so when I saw a free spins promotion, I decided to become a member at Lake Palace too. Then I went to cashier and tried to claim free spins but it didn't work. I set my bets to 0.27€ per spin and played 100 autospins. A couple of spins later I received another free spins round, this time it didn't even reach 10x bet win so soon enough my balance was done. Overall I was satisfied with my experience at Lake Palace casino, the games were decent but that's it.