Join the Tournament Where Winning is the Main Dish

Sure Win Cup Tournament is being held at Golden Riviera Casino  to help players make big wins and make them big winners. In order for you to take part in the Sure Win Cup Tournament and to even stand a chance of winning you need to do the following: Visit Golden Riviera Casino Hit the reels on  Sure Win slot There is no entry fee for the tournament and the prize pool is €10 000 . When it comes to Sur Win slot the moment you hit the reels you will be heading to the Derby and horse racing fans and punters will be thrilled with it. You can’t deny that this is an amazing opportunity and an extraordinary chance for you to join Golden Riviera Casino  and get their full on gaming experience.

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ValDes 26 Apr 2019
Golden riviera casino I downloaded only with one goal - to try their tournaments. But I don't very like continues play option and rebuys. Does not won anything on cashapillar ;( After it I decided to reverse cashout (oh no, what and idiot!) and play blackjack a bit more (I am feel lucky), I down to 10$, and then I am became in rage, and bet 10$. So, Golden riviera is a nice casino, where you can try to play some slots, even you can play various and nice tournaments.
AlexMou12 26 Apr 2019
I have to say, before few months ago I didn't like that much Microgaming slot, but after big and solid win on Immortal Romance I really changed my mind. Golden Riviera Casino they were having some promo of free spins on Riviera riches slot, so when joining them, which I did I was eligible for 10 free spins. I start playing Immortal Romance which at the beginning I was losing the money, but then I hit the free spins feature, which Amber gave me another 12 euros from the free spins.
fueldrockets 26 Apr 2019
Bonuses at Golden Riviera are very interesting: there is a freeplay offer where you can play with $2500; you will have one hour to try to meet the wagering requirements. This can be a good solution for those who want to try the casino without investing a penny, but you have to know that in case you want to withdraw any earnings, then you still need to make a $25 deposit. Also, if you continue playing with those $100 winnings, you need to fill other wagering requirements. I played several weeks trying to wager wisely and patiently to be able to make a correct withdrawal.
Lolbibo 26 Apr 2019
Golden Riviera Casino offers players both a Download and a Flash version. As with most casinos, the download version includes a larger variety of games than the Flash version. Like other casinos, Golden Riviera offers many bonuses. Golden Riviera Casino also features a highly-trained support staff that is available 24 hours a day.
casino1234 27 Jan 2018
In my humble opinion Golden Riviera casino has the best play for free win for real promotion on internet. It is promotion where you get 2500 free credits to play with for one hour on flash version off casino games, and when you bet that amount you may transfer a hundred credits above initial 2500 to your real account after you make a minimum of 25 deposit. There are some fine slot games like hitman, mad hatters with 30 lines, big kahuna and loaded.
katemak 04 Nov 2017
They are powered by the Mg so that means amazing slot games and good return to the players. I left this game for Hell boy but what I was looking for was some multipliers or free spins which I only got from the hit man slots. MG has best slots but not really nice card and table games.
sencize 04 Nov 2017
I placed 0.30 bets per spin and the second spin I did gave me 18 free spins, from which I got 51 win, which is the biggest amount I've ever had in this slot.I continued to play it for some time, but only small winnings like 2 appeared, nothing more. So after that I went to Thunderstruck II slot,which is one of my favorites from microgaming.
aemakgol 21 Oct 2017
I made only one deposit to golden riviera casino, with their 100% bonus I had 50$ to get some fun and playtime.I decide to start on immortal romance with 0.3 bets, but soon I get bored, and after 3 or 4 freespins feature I left slot alone, or with other gamblers. There was no luck for me, and I had only 15$ left, so I open hellboy game and start playing at 0.20 bet.
Imvikas911 21 Oct 2017
They don't offer much for new players but the more you play the better the experience and offers are here.
blondie 17 Sep 2017
The offers Golden Riviera currently has is their $2500 60 minutes Freeplay which every player will love to take advantage of and 100% up to $125. Every player must claim only one offer but regardless what anyone chooses they will be entitled to 50 Free Spins on their luxury casino themed slot - Riviera Riches!! To my point of view if a player chooses the $2500 Free play offer they will win a maximum of $100 to which they can use on the main casino (Freeplay is offered in a different window) so long as they make 20 bets and topped up the original $2500. The only thing bad about this bonus is there is a chance you may not win from the freeplay offer if your unlucky that is. I would recommend this casino and all it's entirety to players who would deposit small to receive something large to play with!
FCR 26 Mar 2017
Welcome offers at Golden riviera casino is something really good, freeplay bonus, bonuses on first few deposits, and I like when casino threats new players like this, because it is a bit boring to see new casino for yourself, which offer only 100 % bonus or something like this. And with this way I think Golden riviera casino doing the right thing, and this is why few my deposits was in this casino, most times I do only one deposit in new casino, but here I made probably 5, because of I like award casinos which doing the right things.
None 24 Jan 2017
At that time I was in a complete ignorance of the stupid practices of that group, concerning the welcome offers and I used the welcome promotion offered me from Golden Riviera immediately. I was given an hour of play with 2500 free credits for that purpose and the ability to keep up to 200 credits (above the initial 2500) in return of a single deposit for 50$! Nothing helped me and after a few hours of chaotic game-play, without any strategy or tactic, I delivered one of the messages that I hate most There are not enough credits in your balance! So, both the start and the end of my stay at Vegas Partner Lounge casinos was more than miserable, but in the name of the truth in the next review you will see that sometimes things change, even for good!
yapro 05 Apr 2016
This one got me really nice money and it increased my balance. This game also gave me a lot of action and was winning good money. Then played classic Bj for a while and when my balance was 80$ I withdrew the money and got it after the process within 2 days. The casino is very nice and the only problem is that all the video slots were taking a lot of time in downloading and even came across this up loader error thing.
Mahamedau 26 Feb 2016
This time I play 0.30$ bet to see if it cold just leave it and never come back again, this happens, I lost 10$, and decided not to continue lost money, and just switch to hitman slot. My last slot that I play in this casino was dark knight, yeah, I am again just enter it to try win huge jackpot. I play it about hour, got many features, few nice hits, even 1 time won mini jackpot for 11$ (what a sick!!), but can manage to hit something really huge, and lost all at final. Probably I still play them more, but I prefer casino rewards.
aussiejass 07 May 2015
It started really slow I only had some small winnings but also a lot of empty spins, but a bit later I had a lot of playboy wild signs that were doubling my wins, but when I was at the end of my funds 3 playboy magazines pop up and I entered the Playboy club. So I decided to continue playing in hope that I will enter in that Playboy club couple more times, but my hopes were crushed when I suddenly realized I was out of funds. Overall a very nice and I must say again a fancy looking casino.