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Irine 19 Jul 2018
The withdrawal timeframe clearly states 5-10 business days.Because I had my documents and already had my account set up for a wire transfer, I had no issues whatsoever.On Friday, Oct 4th, (the day after my withdrawal was processed), I emailed [email protected]
None 19 Jul 2018
They sent an e-mail a couple of days later saying that I would be unable to make any withdrawals until I made a deposit of at least $25.
sencize 13 Jul 2016
I didn't question their fair gaming i considered that as a natural life playing casino but i don't want to play their video slot again and i didn't experienced their withdrawal system but they have 24/7 good representative that is their advantaged. 8/10 Fair Gaming ( I will play again if they had a good feedbacks from their players not only in askgambler but in other casino forum :) )
Chop1115 28 Jun 2016
I came by live chat regarding the no deposit bonus to resolve a problem with the code in which I never used...ever. After 20 minutes of leaving the chat open the message kept repeating itself saying an operator will be able to assist you. The "gold part" about Classy Coin is they use No deposit bonus to get people to try out the casino. The "mousetrap" part is if you take the cheese standing on a mechanism the trap will snap on you (make any deposits and bonuses your screwed!) but rather the "mouse trap" that is Classy Coin deal damage, instead it empties and keeps your money! Classy Coin is non-responsive with massive delays! I will never go back to Classy Coin!
paquito76 16 Apr 2016
To tell you all what happened to me on my visit to Classy Coin casino it is but slicing a fruit, a pear to put into an example then seeing the inside before eating it or discarding it due to it's rotting flesh. To be honest with you all playing on Classy Coin isn't exactly the best place to do so because other casinos would give you a much better thought of what it means to "Win" and "Payoff"! I would like to thank AskGamblers for giving me a chance to see Classy Coin and giving me an idea of how this will effect my deposit!
Mark A. 24 Feb 2016
This time it came from Classy Coin casino in a form of a $35 no-deposit bonus with x40 rollover terms. Only $10 left from the bonus while I was playing with $0.50 total bet and I said 'OK, raise your bet to $1 and spin 10 times'. Then I realized that this group of casinos has a high limit of minimum withdrawal and I had to keep playing until I reach $100. A player has a little luck after completing some hard criteria and when he/she thinks it's over then there's one more.) Some more spins and success and I stepped over a hundred bucks and finally I could be satisfied with the result.