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Irine 19 Jan 2018
My experience with Cirrus casino has been buried for as long as I can remember. It happened about 4 - 6 years ago when I craved for some Real Time Gaming video slots. It was a whole different experience for me not knowing if there are other casinos better than Real Time Gaming. I would still play on this casino, I do not find anything wrong about it through my experience.
casinoian87 30 May 2015
The best game that i love there Hairway to heaven and lochness loot is which has a minimal house edge and you can really grind your way to victory when you play. Its an African themed game that is quite fun to play. I do like this casino so when i played their no deposit i tried to played the 20 no deposit bonus times 15 the equation 20 x 15 = $300 i need to wager that requirements and i did it with the help of the video slot Hairway to heaven, i bet $1.20 per spin maximum of 50 lines then i managed to made winnings and wagering the remaining balance from that 20 no deposit is $45 and the maximum you can withdraw is $100 i don't want to play that remaining and decided to cashout.
Lucky13 16 Oct 2014
Whether it may be an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster, or something down right evil like when two men robbed a Doctors house, *#*$% and killed his wife and daughters (I believe), and he was the only one who made it out alive. That you are more likely to fall victim to one of these rogue con artist casinos, then you would by a terrorist or a natural disaster, or two sick pieces of Sh*t who storm your house and do what they did to that poor doctors family. Cirrus and Cirrus UK have the same cons and bait they use to find a way to prevent a player from withdrawing their money.
kotanidis 16 Oct 2014
It was a pretty good time and ive already told a few friends about it.
jsole42 16 Oct 2014
I have been waiting to get paid by Cirrus Casino since 2/2/2011. They keep telling me that the payment was sent to the third party processor.