6. So far, your games are available across numerous online casinos including Bet365 Casino, Cashmio Casino, Betsson Casino and various other places. What is Thunderkick’s main market and do you have any expansion plans in the near future?

You can get your teeth stuck into a share of £20,000 in casino bonuses  and all you have to do is play the latest blockbuster online slot . Small games are often synonymous with basic graphics, but Fish Tank is clearly an exception to this unwritten rule. In a nutshell, Fish Tank starts from an original theme and delivers a near perfect execution Fish Tank has so many special features and so simple basic rules that it sometimes felt more like a random online game than an actual slot game to us. That being said, this is clearly what the developers were going after: an original challenge, far away from the traditional casino atmosphere, with new rules and a fast gameplay. As a result, Fish Tank will be better received by newcomers on the slot game market, looking for a quick and light challenge that still has the potential to make them win big. So, we play the game a lot during the development process.

Far Ahead of Competitors

And playing catch-up will be no easy feat for P0cket00, considering that Moorman surpassed $10 million back in September 2013.

More Bonus than Usual

As promised, Fish Tank is home to 3 different bonus games: Feeding Frenzy, Algae Attack and Bubble Buster.

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goldenmember 10 May 2017
5 days later the 10 000 went straight in to my bank, thank you challenge, they are a great casino good games, good at paying out, so don't be worried about playing here they do pay you.
blondie 10 May 2017
The customer service is very quick and very helpful casinos from this group have set a standard for support team which they successfully are maintaining and I love it. And that is because the games are nothing if compared to other casinos from this group and the processing is a little slow and when I was on the receiving side and tried to process a cash out the support team stopped replying and that is when I realized that there is something wrong but luckily they got back to me and the reason they did not reply was because of a public holiday in their.
szirtisas 10 May 2017
Challenge casino is just another member of the famous Casino Rewards Group, which is considered to be one of the safest gambling companies nowadays in the world of online gambling! Although Challenge casino is member of reputable company its marketing department must consider some changes in its bonus policy immediately if they want to put this casino in front of the CR group instead of the deep back! Immediately went to my best Microgaming slot LOTR and set the bet to 6.00 per spin. So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: Support: 8/10 Software: 10/10 Security: 9/10 Finance: 7/10 Bonuses: 2/10 Terms&Conditions: 8/10 Overall: Good and safe online casino, but stupid welcome offer!
sethel 28 Apr 2017
The result of playing the Hitman and the Jason fleece is good and I wagered the requirements that the equation for the requirements is 30 x 30 = $600 and i had $60 I bet $0.50 up to $1.50 per spin from that slots maximum of their slots line like 30 - 50 lines because of high chances of winnings. There are things that need to considered before playing to this casino like reading their Terms and condition that I don't read and had a problem and the bonus rules and regulation I had a problem because I don't followed their rules but i successfully withdraw after that.
ValDes 24 Mar 2017
The first thing to mention about the casino is that it lacks the live casino that you might expect there are close to 500 games to make up for it though, with enough slots for you to play to your hearts content. I did try a few games of the blackjack, but I had a bad spell I can't really complain about the casino, because it was a round of bad decision making.
bogdangy 24 Mar 2017
With money in my account I went to play Robojack, a game I haven't tried before but I liked the name of it. I had 1 more win like this, but otherwise, I managed to receive bet size amounts and after 100 spins lost 10€. I kept playing with the same bets for 100 more spins. Game went into a dry mode and I hardly got bet size winnings and after the autoplay I got only 3€ left.It's a shame that within 300 spins I couldn't get a free spins round.
cristinaxx 28 Jul 2016
They are basically a Microgaming casino who uses casino rewards affiliate group, so when they sent me a promotional e-mail I wanted to try them out because the cr casinos every time offers amazing welcome bonuses and the one of the safest place where I ever played. I know the percentage bonus wasnt high but I always like to try casino rewards affiliated casinos if I had enough money for playing.
swati 20 Jul 2016
I am not sure what about thought managers of this casino, or this is job of Casino Rewards managers, but this is a bit stupid offer, because as I am low roller, to get 100 %bonus I should spent some money on first two deposit with lower bonuses. Challenge casino is 100 % good and safe casino, but apart from many others casino rewards group casinos their welcome offer is a bit strange.
aemakgol 24 Jun 2016
The casinos games are powered by Microgaming, which is the best one in my opinion. The casino can only be played by downloading the casinos software, which is the best choice anyway, since I always find myself having problems when using the Flash version. The first deposit bonus matches 25% up to 800$ (so for 800$ you need to deposit 3200). Besides of the software, which can be find at hundreds of others casinos, the promotions are not so interesting.
vaibhavsingh 05 May 2016
I made a deposit of 20$ at this casino but I didnt took the 1st deposit bonus because I thought that isnt a good bonus, only 25% bonus and also because I couldnt redeem the VIP points! I think they only deserve 7 for the deposit bonuses and for the support 9 because I know that all the casinos that belongs to Casino Rewards group have a great support team!
Irine 06 May 2015
If they had given that offer for the first deposit nobody would have stayed with this casino room for that long because the games are not all good and up to mark and I was very disappointed because Casino Rewards has a reputation and they cant just ruin it by making agreements with such stupid casino rooms. I won a lot of money by playing slots and their cash out process is also very good and fast.