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luckygirl02 26 Feb 2018
I signed up with Casino Del Rio around 2 years ago as they had a good no deposit offer, and I got lucky. Another positive thing with Casino Del Rio, is that they are owned and backed by Hard way investments, which seem to be a pretty big company, who owns a lot of different online gaming sites. When it comes to their cashier system, Im pretty satisfied with Del Rio. After clearing my wagering requirements, I asked the helpful support on what I had to do, and made a required verification deposit, and sent in my docs.
Brandon Harrison 26 Feb 2018
When I heard of this casino I didn't know that they are giving 15$ free chip for all new players, but when I opened the casino via one other site for 15$ I was really curious and wanted to try my luck there. Being my favorite slot, Fortune Hill game I thought I could wager another bonus with this slot, because I wagered one in one other casino, but I guess my lady luck was not there that day.
paul01234 28 Jun 2017
:) Okay, lets get straight to my review on Casino Del Rio. Now, here is an equally good casino, from my point of view, from the Winner Group of casinos, that is currently ranked 47 out of 50 by AskGamblers. My account at Del Rio currently stands at a profit (oh yes, I keep track of all my deposits and withdrawals at each and every casino I play at!) after playing there all these years, an achievement only bettered at a handful of other casinos. Just imagine, if all bonuses are offered wager-free, there wouldn't be any casino left operating - they would all have closed down! Before I forget, or missed out, take note that Del Rio is now periodically offering wager-free cash back refunds of 10% to 40%!!!
artflair 28 Jun 2017
Playtech casino, which was established long time ago. My last withdrawal from this casino was long time ago, in the end of 2012 or so, and since that i did not play at this casino. Del rio casino is of course reputable and goog online casino, but i really not sure what this guys can do these days, when 4 days pending period for withdrawals is terrible long.
Rindiuci 28 Jun 2017
I liked the name of this casino which is very Mexican type.They are supported by one of the best platforms in the world which is the play tech platform and they have a very nice selection of games and all the games are very much fun to play on. I have to say this that play tech has probably the best games in this industry.
Afi4wins 27 May 2017
Powered by Playtech, offering low limit live roulette and attracted by its 10 euro no deposit bonus this had to be an excellent casino for me. The 10 euro free money had to be played through, and roulette did count.After playing a while of course I lost all the money and I decided to take advantage of Del Rios first deposit bonus. With an very extreme aggressive progression play I had my balance soon at 430 euro. They told me roulette bets did not count towards fulfilling the playthrough requirements.I immediately checked Del Rios regulations and terms. In case of the 10 euro free play roulette did count, but not in case when receiving the first deposit bonus. It is like for every deposit a new chapter of Terms & Conditions apply. I hope DelRio can straight these confusing terms&condition out and replace them with a clear outlined policy.My overall rating for this casino is for now 6 out of 10,due to above mentioned unclarity.
paquito76 25 May 2017
Im was have very good sesionrealy a lot win - In gladiatorwith bet 1.5win close to 170next inDeplhins Cashbet 2win over200anda lot small winings -So after play mayby30 minutim have in my accont over 500- Sookits time to check my wagering requements progress.- Is not avalible to checkfor player in player accontany informations abaoutleftwagering to finish ...Okso only options isask support. Ok im get informations back to play.Now im calucaltinga little manual .....Im finish wageringandmakecashauts.When im try againcontact with support-and ask abaoutdocuments veryfications - SupportAgain not answers -(Nobody at home)...
aemakgol 26 Mar 2017
I reached a stage in my online gaming experience a few months ago where I had played so much on Playtech Casinos I just started get really bored with them and thinking they were just a waste of time. When I first started playing at Playtech casinos I won so much, its only natural to think youre going to keep winning, then I went on a massive downhill walk and just kept loosing and loosing and loosing.
yapro 25 Jan 2017
Now I can't say Casino Del Rio is spectacular however I can give you a lot of great things beginning with this awesome hell of a start! Understandably, casinos need to do this in order to prevent losing their monies over to players from free chances such as this. The common support for it's awesome attitude, the bonus that I had fun over and, the delay in cashing out my winnings from my deposit. Casino Del Rio, you get a 6.6 out of 10!
szirtisas 25 Jan 2017
Despite being a sticky or nonredeemable bonus, it had a reasonable playthrough and most game varieties were permitted. This sense of choice and flexibility prompted me to try my luck again with another deposit when Del Rio emailed me a 200% match offer identical to the prior one, but the outcome was unfortunately the same.
barryearley 27 Oct 2016
After deposit $50 then send all documents latter my documents updates and allow from support to ask withdraw, after withdraw my winning $250, suddenly my account locked...
blondie 28 Aug 2016
When I saw a letter from Casino Del Rio among the messages in my inbox I was a little bit surprised as they arent famous about promoting their services such way (this also wasnt a bonus related one). Their name somehow just couldnt get out of my head, anyway I was planning to play with Panther Moon one of my favourite Playtech games and thought maybe that was a sign to do it at Del Rio.
AlexMou12 28 Aug 2016
I decided to sign up there because it is one of Playtech's software casinos and I love their table games and live dealer games, and sure thing- the Marvel slots they have. I usually don't take bonuses at Playtech because I'm not that big fan of their slots and the table or live games don't qualify or qualify very low for the wagering. At blackjack I got about 60 win because I wasn't afraid to risk and increased my bets from 1-3 and played on multiple hands at the same time. I'm usually not a big fan of it but this time I gave it a try and worked out pretty good.
Efti 21 Jul 2016
I joined this casino about a year ago I think the reason was some no deposit bonus. After that I played here another time when I got 5 euros from them as a bonus for my birthday. Today I decided to make a deposit here because I read a review from mister Afi4wins whose experience I value when it comes to Playtech casinos.
Toiletseat 26 Jun 2016
In the past when I started to play here the reason was the 50 euro no deposit bonus. My coins are started to run out but when I was on about 15 euro I hit the stop button and get the free games. I collected all of the rockets and get 38 euro and 17 free games with 3 times multiplier.
highrollerchloe 26 Jun 2016
What I would like to mention is that SOME Casinos changes the ball in the roulette. though small in weight ball is lighter, resulting in the following numbers bounce inside of the wheel, the greater BALL sitting idle at the expense easier numbers.Perhaps you knowall these points but there are readers who do not know them.For your succes.Astarte
jaenudin 24 Jun 2016
I have played with a handful of other online casinos and either had terrible luck or the site had terrible support.
None 23 Jun 2016
Do NOT deposit any money with this site you will never see it again and their customer service after the money dries up is a disgrace.
staceygold80 11 May 2016
I would like to say that because I only came as far as to play the $15 no deposit bonus but never came close to depositing as my experience there become short lived! The reason why I have said earlier that Casino Del Rio is neutral because I have had a run of good and bad luck with the no deposit bonus and because live chat seem unresponsive. All you new players out there be sure to quote of live chat: Good news for players that claim this offer will only have to wager 20x, that's 10x lower than most casinos.
spoton 11 May 2016
I love playing on Casino Del Rio because of the fun and flare it offers. I was told about Casino Del Rio from a friend that has actually proven winnings from this site.
astarte 15 Feb 2016
I didnt took any bonus when I made my deposit of 20 euro!I played only the Gladiator slot and even if I didnt won something,I had a lot of fun and that its important for me too!
hajnrih 11 Feb 2016
There are a few things I dont like in this casino.
cocopop3011 11 Feb 2016
Without much time to go to a casino in person, I am able to drift away online and have great experience right from home or when I'm on the road Casino Del Rio is always open.
ZoroRi 27 Jan 2016
I mean that bonuses not impress me, support on same level like most other casinos, cashouts time also on this level or even a bit longer. So, i decided to play casino del rio because i get spam email which offers me 10$ no deposit bonus on del rio, and a nice 200% bonus on my first deposit. Unfortunately,i manage to get freespins, but it pays crap, so i decided to trymy luck on great blue, slot with stacked wilds and incridible big multipliers in freespins.
FAZIII1 21 Nov 2015
They have very nice cash back policies as well which are very tempting but i could not avail any of them because i had to leave this casino room within a week due o some reasons best known to them.
bogdangy 13 Nov 2015
I'm not really a fan of online games, but one day a close friend of mine referred Casino del Rio of askgamblers.com for me to join and try.
valentin68 13 Nov 2015
These said, although I had an account here ( such complicated username containing letters and numbers I immediately forget ) I have opened another one on my second email address and I received the welcome bonus of $15. It is true that all the talking (with long intermediate pauses) lasted over 30 minutes , but as I said the support was very soft-hearted and I thought I deserves to be appreciated for this.
nikita11 29 Oct 2015
Casino del rio was chosen by me because when i closing winner casino i saw the banner from del rio telling me that if i deposit 20$ i will play with 100$, its mean 400% bonus on my first deposit, and of course first thing that i do it is register and del rio casino and confirm in live chat that the bonus for me is really real. Answer was yes, but pity thing that bonus itself not cashable, this is usual thing from playtech casinos, so i can withdraw only winning from this bonus.