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Captain Cooks is probably most famous for its huge winners it has seen on the progressive slot game Mega Moolah. The first images you see when accessing the home page are two of the multi millionaires who won the Mega Moolah jackpot, one of whom won earlier this year. The sign up offer for Captain Cooks Casino is one that is easy to remember and sounds awesome. Receive 100 chances as $25 in bonus money to try out any game including the millionaire-maker Mega Moolah. There is a huge selection of games on offer at Captain Cooks Casino and we were pleased to see how easy it is to view them.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Depositing at Captain Cooks Casino only takes about 1 minute. You can withdraw to your credit card or select a different method depending on your preferred method of payment.

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sencize 26 Apr 2019
Overall I played around 300 spins, got many bonus rounds with small wins and lost about 8. I got about 4 respins, so I managed to win 16 on free games, which was great, nearly 100x bet size. Received one free spins round with 40x bet size win and at some point my balance got empty.
aussiejass 26 Apr 2019
About a year ago, I made a deposit of $220 at Captain Cooks Casino. One day (four months ago), it took me about 2 weeks to make a withdrawal at Captain Cooks Casino. The customer service at Captain Cooks Casino has all the qualities required for excellence. At Captain Cooks Casino you can cash in fast all the time with all the care of their customer service.
None 25 Feb 2018
So after I signed up I saw the offers they had and I saw the No risk Casino play like the one I played at Casino Classic, this time I decided to play a bit more calmly and actually try to make some money, after when that hour passed and didn't make much only 5$ so I just made a deposit of 20$ and give it another shoot. So I decided to play Thunder struck II which is a game I haven't played in quite some time, I started off with a minimum bet and as I gained more bonuses unlocking more features I started to increase my bet.
teri01666 29 Oct 2017
There few years ago I took up this first depositors free play at Captain Cooks casino. I actually kept depositing thinking one day it will payout a nice jackpot lol nope never did so I now stayed away from Microgaming software cause, I have never made enough to feel comfortable to withdraw. Also I feel the bet on soft software casinos are quite the same if not a bit better than Microgaming. The Captain Cooks casino was a nice experience for me really enjoyed the games just never won enough to feel comfortable.
FAZIII1 29 Oct 2017
Captain Cooks Casino is run by Microgaming software. I joined this casino a long time ago about 4 years ago and it was one of the first casinos I made an account in. For these four years since I joined this casino I have gotten hundreds maybe even more than 1000 of those messages. The first time I asked for a withdrawal it was over 7 days until I got payed.
aemakgol 29 Oct 2017
At first sight, I was subjugated by the sophisticated graphics, the realistic sound effects, and the entertaining animation that made me feel like I was playing at a Vegas casino. Those ludicrous amounts of free bonuses combined with severe play through only are to trap new customers. In the beginning, the play was very smooth until I began to lose connection!! Their disappointing performance made me lose some confidence in the casino.
slobobwin 28 Sep 2017
I got paid by other Casino Rewards Group and my account was verified, they have 48h pending and 48h to cash out, but Captain Cooks is trying to delay paying me, and after calling the support they said Sorry for the late and they change the status to work in progress for another 48h.
Ahmo6 28 Sep 2017
I registered at Captain Cooks because I get spam email that I can get 200% bonus in this casino if I join. I start with only 50$ deposit, because 200% bonus offer boost my money to 150$, and I can get a lot of fun with such amount, so no need deposit more. I start my trip in Captain Cooks casino with Hellboy slot, I watch movie, and I think I try all slots that movie I watch, I am sure you guys do such things too.
swati 28 Sep 2017
Now Micro gaming is probably the biggest game and software provider in the gambling world and Casino rewards is probably the biggest group with a large no. The first game that I played was the Gypsy queen and I was playing this game for the time.
AlexMou12 28 Aug 2017
That is the good sign of this casino and that is also the main reason I join almost all their casinos because MG is the best in business and you do not want to miss out on an opportunity like this. This one has been established for more than 15 years now and all of their casinos do not give real money game services to US based players. But then after some time I got in the game and was changing the bet every time and I sort of got the trend and made some good money.
raverbabe 29 May 2017
The operator said that sometimes Microgaming cancels the tournament if there are not enough players or if a technical error occurs but I could rest assure that all of my money would be returned to me. He also said he would send an inquiry to Microgaming and that in the next 24 hours I would get an email with all the details why the tournament was cancelled.
bellamira 29 May 2017
Since joining the Casino Rewards Group, many moons ago I was constantly being bombarded with Junk/Spam emails from them offering bonuses for their many partners. I will warn you now, if you have yet to join a casino part of casino rewards, then this is definitely something you have to be prepared for, receiving spam emails. Anyway, Captain Cooks Casino offer you 500 no deposit free play, which for once I decided to take them up on, which I don't usually do.
Imvikas911 26 May 2017
I did played firstly on the Slot Avalon and decreased the lines from 20 lines down to 9 lines, and pushed the coins up to 0.5 cent per line. On the Avalon it was really funny cause I had always 2 Scatters in here but the third scatter always spins away and don't stopped on the right time. This was the way to safe my Bankroll and after saving my bankroll I went to the Slots again. nothing positive what would activate me to play in the Captain Cooks casino again.
blondie 27 Sep 2016
Maby don't all players know but when players decided deposit and get this bonus or any other bonus in this casino or in some other casino from Casino Rewards group then must play good with terms and conditions- Ok maby that's normal but in this Captain Cooks Casino and all other Casino rewards brands terms and conditions for player playing with bonuses is ridiculous. But if new fish go to this casino do deposit with bonus and immediatly starts play then is more then 50% chance then will be broke terms and conditions rules and wining Void. So remember if you see in Microgaming brands site is write Casino Rewards Read terms and conditions closely becoaue you can find a lot strange rules if you decided play with bonus this is important for you.
zbjeles 25 Aug 2016
On a positive note Captain Cooks Casino offers a free play option worth $500. Once that is achieved you will need to go to the banking page to deposit a minimum of $50 in order to release your free play winnings.
goldenmember 13 Jul 2016
When I played this Captain Cooks Casino decided to try out what they had in terms of the slot games. In the end I played some of my the most featured game that is the lord of the rings slot game. The other games include the table games which I think are very solid games as well with good graphics.
fueldrockets 13 Jul 2016
Due to the fact that Captain Cooks Casino used Microgaming software, has a wide selection of games. If you like slot machines, Captain Cooks Casino offers a wide selection of slot games which makes it stand out from the crowd of online casinos. With such a varied selection of slot machines, each player will find what they most worship or what suits him best. On Captain Cooks Casino, you have a stunning online bonus. 100 opportunities will immediately be available as a supplement from 22.5 euros that can be used in the way of setting up 100 bet worth 0,225 euros to the progressive jackpot slot machines.
Irine 10 Jul 2016
The wagering requirements is the same like the all other casino reward affiliate Microgaming casino, only 30 times of the bonus and the deposit. I started the play with my free 500 credits in a new windows explorer tab, first time I almost lost my credits because I was on high stakes but I clicked to the try again button until I can collect 150 euro from it. It was a fault, I lost my balance within a half hour even I get the free spins three times.
cristinaxx 05 Jul 2016
I did not have much experience in my life with Captain Cooks Casino, but until now I can say very honestly that the casino is one of the best I have ever played on. I receive way too many emails from Captain Cooks Casino and they are not all with offers or deals- only reminding me to start playing. Overall, I had a pleasant experience playing at Captain Cooks Casino.
mwev 05 Jul 2016
You can play on any of their games using the offer. The progressives are usually slow paced so you won't get as much cash for your time when you play it. Quite surprisingly, the blackjack was fair and I did make some cash despite losing my first three hands (I was thinking there was something up at the start, but actually it was just a bad run of luck).
ValDes 18 Apr 2016
Never the less I cant make any complaint about Captain Cooks casino because I was satisfied with my time spent here, of course I played without any bonus because if I win something I did not want my money to be confiscated like in their sister casino. Fifty euros I withdraw came to my account in just two days so this casino is very fast with payouts which is a big plus for them.
yapro 18 Apr 2016
The Casinos terms and conditions do not permit more than one real account per household, personal computer or e-mail address.
jobrien 09 Feb 2016
I favored Microgaming casinos based on what they offer new players and with it Freeplay offers and sometimes higher than usual bonuses would come to mind. What Freeplay offers are bonuses that allow a new player to win an amount to begin playing real money with after winnings have been made and a deposit. In this offer at Captain Cooks it allowed me to collect $150, the maximum bonus. The 20 bets and making winnings from the freeplay were entirely easy like opening bottled water only it takes more than one bottle, probably 50 bottles to open. I maxed bet the crap out of this slot many times to come across 3 Free spins for 45 free spins total on tripled wins and twice I got a random jackpot round.
chriskay 30 Jan 2016
So this is important to make at least one real money deposit between bonuses, I am usually make just deposit 20$ and play table games, and this is good strategy, because usually I had withdrawal like 20-40, so generally I did not lose anything with such their rule. Captain cooks casino has good welcome bonus, two days pending for withdrawals, and I rate it with 7 stars.
scyan 20 Dec 2015
Like this slot for the opportunity to win HUGE money with little bet :D So, I played with 45c bet about two hours, and finish with about 80$(some luck). I don't like pending periods :( But I got my money in about 60 hours total, so its not so good, but not so bad too! So, totally, Captain Cooks very good MG casino with 300% bonus.
FCR 11 Nov 2015
I felt I had no choice but to get in touch with support to see if I could sort the whole mess out, they answered my live chat request immediately and after a few checks were able to confirm with me that I had not actually played at this particular brand in the past but they couldn't explain why the installer had got this wrong and were also unable to offer me any advice to get around the error and register a new account from within the download client either.
szirtisas 28 Aug 2015
I been doing nothing but win over there, eveyrtime I deposit I wonder IF this is the one where I lose!
samico58 23 Jul 2015
Of course, I know that I have minimal chances to be the winner just one of them but still is a pleasure to play that game and I secretly hoped, so who knows maybe one day I just get one of them. this is very good slot and the fun is guaranteed and if you win some money the pleasure is complete :) . Credit card, Moneybookers, Netteler and more So this is one of the best casino I ever play and this is definitely my first choise.
Lolbibo 23 Jul 2015
I played a variety of games here of video poker. some of them I played are named as jacks or better, multi hand power poker casino rewards group has made a very big and good name for themselves and has almost 30-35 casino registered under their name it provides the bonus of $ 500 as limited time free play in one hour.