What Is More Profitable for You as a Player?

With short games , that is to say games that last less than 75 spins , a regular type of roulette would seem more advantageous since you don’t have to pay any fees on your winnings. Then again, with games lasting longer than 75 spins , if you take into account the 10% house fee, the final house edge is tantamount to 0.34% with a tendency to zero as opposed to the unchanging European roulette’s 2.7% and American roulette’s 5.4%. But, if you feel like giving No Zero roulette a shot, which doesn’t come with a house edge, make sure you  head over to BetVoyager Casino immediately and… good luck! However,  BetVoyager Casino pride themselves on being one of the rare  online casinos that offer this specific type of roulette to players. They include the European and American versions. The two zeroes make the American version to have a higher house edge than the European version.

Different Types of Roulette vs. House Edge

More precisely, let’s talk numbers connected to two of the most popular versions of roulette games—European and American roulette as opposed to No Zero roulette.

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b0b0g0m 26 Apr 2019
In addition, I have earned 500 euros in their contest "BetVoyager Tournaments".
karuzko 26 Apr 2019
When I sign up there everything went just fine, opened the account got the 10 euros really fast because there was an code which needed to be insert in the bonus field. I played that 10 euros pretty fast, just because we all know the BetSoft games the minimum bet is 060 euros, just because the coin bet is from 0.2 euros.
vokaj 12 Apr 2019
BetCruise offers players the possibility to play casino games (BeyVoyager), poker (BetRaiser) and place sports bets (BetLiner). So when I five days later finally received the bonus, I wasn't able to play the bonus in the casino. After playing the poker tournaments and placing five bets, I had around 5 euro left which I tried playing casino games with. No, they have a too little offering regarding casino games and their poker platform is quite empty and slow. Bad things: Not so much casino games,Poker platform constantly crashes and has very little players.
Herber 12 Apr 2019
Dear Sirs, since the placement of your new roulettes, the page of the Casino Lobby will hold for a few seconds, and the same happens on all other pages, or from one page to another! As for another subject, which made me sad: today when I did the second session of roulette, starting at 09:54, did the favor of blocking the roulette, in the 7 minutes of session, with the excuse that I call ragged, the lack of connection with the server, which appears in the window, precisely when I had on the table the bet of 1.50 €, which was intentionally withdrawn, because I had to close the roulette to enter again, and when I did, ran everything beautifully. From the experience I have, that block window is set up, when the casino wants to extract part of the bettor's winnings intentionally, not for lack of connection to the game server!
None 06 Mar 2019
On Askgamblers I saw that they offer a 100% welcome bonus with only 10 minimum deposit required and 30x wagering. After 10 minutes I got 6 free spins which gave me 4 win. It has 20 paylines and I placed the minimum bets of 0.40 per spin (0.02 coin size is the minimum).I played around 120 spins and got 2 bonus rounds where I had to pick objects to turn them into gold. I managed to get my balance up for 6, got bored and then played European Roulette because it contributed to wagering for 100% and it was a nice change. Also I got bored the few times I played those games so that's not a very pleasant thing.
jura 15 Jun 2018
Interesting because they had few table games and slot games without any house edge, this games has 100% return to player, but when you out from this game, casino will take 5% from your balance. I played around 30 minutes, and had upswings and downswings, at one point i have left only 125 euros, and i decide to stop it all, and bet 125 euros, i won with 20, then 250 euros bet, and i get 9, dealer get 8, and this is good position for me, i taking next card and there was 3.
albalaha 29 May 2017
I joined Betcruise few day ago after I saw 10 no deposit offered here on Askgamblers so decided to try it. First you have to make 5 multiple bets on their betting exchange and play 5 guaranteed tournaments on their poker and after that you can use remaining money as you wish. Tournaments which you can play with 10 no deposit are starting every 2 hours- I completed 5 of them in one day and made 5 bets also at the same day. I decided to play their casino games and was really surprised when I saw only 7 different slots there.
basiliooo 23 Aug 2016
One of the reason to play in this casino is that it is based on the Real time gaming software which is the leading software in the current scenario of the online casinos world. The games are automatically downloaded when we download the casino first time and all the downloaded process goes on backward.