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None 19 Jun 2016
They said they have technical problems with Neteller. Then I contacted them many times and the provided the same answer - technical problems with Neteller.
FCR 04 Apr 2016
At the time, and I believe their promotion is still the same now, they offered a first deposit bonus of 100% and 15 free spins on one of their slots called 'Hunting Season', again this was another slot that I was not familiar with. It isn't that free spins that attracted me to to this casino though, one..because only 6 lines were active and two...because after playing the slot on demo I quickly realised it was rubbish lol. I love all the slots like 'Cherry Blossoms', 'King Tiger', and 'Dynasty', they all have the same lay out and all offer free spins with a times three multiplier. Also a point I have to make is I noticed on Ask Gamblers review it states the software (among others) as Playtech...I couldn't see any Playtech slots, well there isn't any.
cocopop3011 29 Mar 2016
To some there were a lot of Microgaming games I have already seen, some were the usual video slots that made me tired to look at them because they have been played and done with in the past. In Starscape, a 25 Paylines space themed video slot the bonus is a picking feature where four identical matches of symbols would win a prize currently seen on the left side (depending on the triggering bet) but in one of the boxes lies a 3x multiplier that becomes applied to whatever win I won over. In Dino Might, another 25 Paylines, Dinosaur themed video slot the bonus is practically the same only with Dinosaurs, fossils and a prehistoric environment instead of a Spacey theme and planets. But what Dino Might has that Starscape doesn`t is the other bonus called the Triggersaurus pick feature. I saw this Match bonus later on to award me a cool $80 from getting the 2x multiplier and 4 identical T-Rex symbols.
dren 29 Mar 2016
I played with $30 using Moneybookers while leaving out Betspace's welcome code because wagering the 100% match is 30 times my deposit plus bonus. This made my choices limited to the games I wanted to play like Multiplayer Isis or Burning Desire. My suggestions include making a download version, have all games in alphabetic order, change the cashier style...make it brilliant to that inside of Microgaming cashiers already in existence, put more games into the Betspace lobby since it is for the purpose of instant play and have wagers lower than 30 times seeing is how less games didn't get me into the mood much.