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yapro 14 Mar 2019
What surprised me the most about this casino was that on most of the video slot games the bet was set to 5 cents per line. The live chat operator explained to me that there are games where I can play at 1 cent per line. I mostly chose slots where the bet was set at 1 cent per line.
aemakgol 27 Aug 2017
My name is Kobi, I am a Representative at Casino 50Stars and I have more than 10 years of experience in the Gambling Industry.
LilianInThaHouse 27 Aug 2017
The good thing about this casino is that they didn't send various of irritating spam emails to force their customer play their casino! Anyway this casino is good at all I wish that they improve more to extremely satisfy many customer.
None 28 Nov 2016
One day while I was talking with a friend, he mentioned the 50Stars Casino and asked if I wanted to join them giving him a chance for a free 25 bonus. Free spins, bonus rounds, good gamble games followed each other and though I couldnt recall a single 100 or more winnings but a lot of were between 30-90.
paquito76 18 Oct 2016
But fact is the fact, even such sad fact, I was not able to test payout request at this casino, and moreover I can not remember that i clear at least half of the bonus, it was something like 'deposit-played 30 minute-lost'.
Irine 02 Mar 2016
That's sick, and I do not like things like that, and in most cases I will never deposit in casino like this, but once again, I want to play with nice bonus. Anyway, I give this casino a go only with 20$ deposit , bonus was credited without any problems, and I start playing with 40$ on my balance.
KobiN 02 Mar 2016
In front closest to the red light was a man eating a cream filled donuts in his car. The lights turned green and he wasn't budging so the person in front of me honked the horn and when the driver eating the donuts heard this 3 times he got out of the car with a fresh new donuts and smeared it on the other driver's windshield. He was a jerk and based on what I've seen on this casino with my minimum deposit included with the 100% bonus I got ended like a lucky person's lucky streak would after much victories over the odds! Why would that driver ruin a perfectly good donut just to be a jerk?