Wonky Wabbits Slot Game Review

Wonky Wabbits by NetEnt , one of the top online casino slots developers around the globe, is a 5-reel, 15-line video slot . Once Wild reduplication is triggered, a rabbit will jump off a Wild icon to get around the reels and stop by the symbol that indicates the place of the best win. They don’t seem aggressive at all, but so far nobody knows what they are like when a gambler loses at play…You can work out the background story of the game yourself, although the main idea is not too complicated: you win coins, the hungry Wabbit gets fruit and vegetables. Play Wonky Wabbits online for free at Slots Up. No registration and no download required – it’s all absolutely free.

Wonky Wabbits Mobile Slot - Available on all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet

Wonky Wabbits RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 96.5%

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hajnrih 26 Apr 2019
As I said, the slot is simple, with 15 paylines only and without any feature (Free spins round or Bonus game), but it is interesting to play here because it has two peculiarities rarely found. The second peculiarity is specific only to this slot: once a wild symbol appears, it will be duplicated, taking place of a common symbol on the screen (a rabbit will eat that first symbol), in the most advantageous position (that is, so as to provide the best winning combination). I had such an experience for about 3 times in over 350 spins and the first time I acquired an extra in the balance when my wild duplicate aligned two 5 symbols combinations on two different paylines.
yapro 26 Apr 2019
Pay attention to Wild symbols because they can make you some cash so far I know.The only feature here is Wild duplication and it tells me there is no way this game could pay out massive amounts of money.Wild appears on all reels while 2 stacked wilds appear only on reel 2 and 4.This means 14 wilds can appear on the screen after wild duplication. Well pay attention to wilds.Every wild symbols duplicates and add more wilds on the screen and all that in order to make some nice wins.This game pays both ways which increases wining chances. My overall experience is good but what the huge minus to this video slot is pay-table.
aemakgol 21 Nov 2018
My main problem with these games is that they often only pay fractional wins and tend to give lots of dead spins. Wonky Wabbits is a "Both-Ways" video slot, which means paylines can pay from left to right and vice versa. Only the newer NetEnt releases seem to be able to give you lots of dead spins. Sure, I had a couple of wilds appearing on the reels which multiply to the highest paying position to increase your winnings, but they weren't that generous.
Ahmo6 22 Sep 2018
It has 5 reels and 15 (actually 30) paylines, but the minimum bet is 0.30 per spin. I usually play this game with 0.30 or 0.60 bets. When the wilds appear on the reels, they do the usual Wilds job-increase the maximum spins winnings but they do it by duplicating on the winning position.
Adebisi213 22 Sep 2018
Wonky wabbits is game made by NetEnt. This is funny slot, but it is quite dangerous in bad time. Couple of times I lost big amounts of money on it because did not leave game and just continuing playing waiting that it will return me my losses. I like how this game looks. Due to this feature min bet in this game is 0.30 and not 0.15 (there is 15 paylines). I like this game.
None 22 Sep 2018
Wonky Wabbits is great designed game from NetEnt. It is funny and it could provide great wins. If a wild symbols appears on the reels, it is duplicated to the position that creates the highest win. You can get up to 14 wilds symbols which are really great for game with 15 paylines. I like when many wilds appear and then starting to duplicate.
valentin68 18 Jan 2018
As I said at the beginning, the game is reminiscent of Starburst by similarity payment line on the drum, but also by the amount of realized winnings on this slot, at least from my experience. Ordinary Wild symbol can appear on any of the five positions on the drum and then is mapped to the position of symbols that creates the greatest possible gains from the spin. Stacked Wild symbol appears only on the 2 and 4 positions on the drum, or in a double issue, as the two are glued wild, which is also duplicated elsewhere.
NextTimeWin 28 Nov 2017
Yeah, this certainly looks like a crazy game for a crazy fun time, with exciting wonderful graphics, music and sound effects to match. Sadly enough, Wonky Wabbits is a straight fun game. No free spins, no bonus game, no random feature, like maybe, a wolf suddenly appearing and start making more Wabbits pop out of the ground, creating some good handsome wins. At play, everything is laid back, just let the game run on autoplay, sit back and enjoy the fun, the wonderful graphics and the interesting animations. Still, I didnt make any win from Wonky Wabbits so far, so 1 star down. Too bad Wonky Wabbits could certainly have been better featured.
zerooo 28 Nov 2017
The thing I dont like in this game is that it can eat up a lot of balance without producing some big win.
blondie 16 Nov 2017
This video slot lets a player like myself win from either left to right or right to left to make good winnings and has this nice Wild feature that pops up to duplicate itself randomly on the reels. Wild's are only helpful to me if they make an appearance and they hit good symbols surrounding them but other than that the slot can be really "rubbish" as the nice AG member would say. What Wonky Wabbit's needs are respins to make up for dead spins.
RuMalimov 21 Sep 2017
For me thats the case here with Wonky Rabbit which could be easily considered as a cute but otherwise average 15-payline slot but with the great working scheme of the Wild and the potential to win some nice rewards by its help really makes the game an entertaining and eve an exciting game for me. Though there are times when the slot doesnt like to give too much wins for long time then suddenly 4 or 5 Wild pop up on the reels and that only single spin can reward us 30-40 times of bet and if that arrangement contains for example a 5 of a kind win with Carrots which could provide the best line prize of the game, 1500 times of line bet, well, that spin even could reward even more.
oneLoVegg 12 May 2017
So there is possibility to get 14 max wilds on the reels but only if the Duplicate wilds appear and then we are talking about some extra huge winnings.I don't know maybe some other players had very good luck with this game but not me and as i am concerned I spend few times on this game and this game empty my pocket,so no Wonky Wabbits for me.
LilianInThaHouse 12 May 2017
And I actually like it a lot, even though the game doesnt have any progressive side nor bonuses or scatters symbols. After that I got really hooked on this game because I was hoping for a lot bigger payouts, because I saw that this slot can offer to 14 wilds almost filling the whole reel. Well this is the part that I like, the wild symbol actually duplicates on a random spot that will give you maximum payout, which sounds pretty sweet ha?
ExpertenAG 12 May 2017
This slot had only two interesting things: wins paid with both ways, like on another one netent game lucky angler; and duplicate wild - when i get at least one wild on the reels, one more will appear on any random place. But i am almost sure that this slot should find fans between players, because graphic is nice, and because big wins on it is possible.
Afi4wins 29 Mar 2017
It makes you think that a game like this can't produce any big wins. I have seen some big wins with reels full of wilds but only screenshots from other players. I had some descent wins on this game but nothing big.
katemak 28 Mar 2017
The animation of wabbits that are wild are also amazing and when other wabbit pops up and eats symbol to create winning combination it is funny as hell.Other symbols on wonky wabbits slot except standard card symbols are different vegetables.I was playing table games one night at netent casino and i decided to open some slot games and have some fun.The slot was wonky wabits and i set my bet to 1,20 euros per spin.After few spins and only few euros left i almost had heart attack when i saw that i have 4 wilds on screen.They duplicated to 8 wilds and created super mega win of 150+ euros!!!
winningfly 28 Mar 2017
I usually start play this slot with 0.30 bets if only I have at least 50$ on my balance, because sometimes slot eating money too hard, and it is need some time before give big win. I like this slot, but for me it is not very interesting to play it, because i do not like slots where I am have only one way to win big money, like here, because without wilds it is very hard to win something good here.
paquito76 17 Mar 2017
In this video slot did not possible to trigger any bonus game or free spins, and it have no any scatters on the paytable, but it has two features. play this game at many places when it was released, i get many free spins from netent casinos and try this slot for free, but all pay bad, and i did not withdraw anything from this free spins. I play this game with 3 deposits, each was like 20 euros, and best win i had was around 40 euros at 0.40 euro bet.

NetEnt Wonky Wabbits Online Slot

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