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Thunderstruck 2 RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 96.65%

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Ahmo6 26 Apr 2019
I have tried this game several times but for some reason I never actually spent long sessions with it, as I mostly played it on free roll tournaments. I have read many comments about this game and how it is very similar to Immortal Romance slot and I definitely agree with that as their bonus features are almost the same. In my case I had this feature a few times in my session but there were no good winning combinations over 30x bet.
aemakgol 26 Apr 2019
Of course in the such great slot like Thunderstruck II everything is amazing. 5 wild reels pay you more than 8000 x your total bet ( oh my god, even on 0.30$ bet you can win around 2500$, this is amazing!). Oh, and do not forget about achievements in this slot, they also interesting.
winningfly 26 Apr 2019
The features are very nice like free spins, wild bonuses (including expanding wilds), Scatters and also the great multipliers! After that i choose the Valkyrie 10 free spins that have 5x multipliers so i am excited while that free spins are still going when the free spins are finished i got a sum of $100+ from that free spins i'm very happy at that time because that's my first free bonus! The happiness is not yet over and i struck different symbols with thunderstruck multipliers!
Afi4wins 26 Apr 2019
Sometimes I play this slot after good wins on other games. Interesting here is main game, good payout should be with wild, because it is double winning, and also wild storm feature is awesome, it can made all reels wild, but usually it gives me 1 - 2 reels. As conclusion I can say that it is very good slot game, iIreally like it, but it is too hard for me to play higher bets, because game can eat money very quickly.
catapultaudio 31 Mar 2019
Thunderstruck 2 is another famous sequel based on Microgaming software and one of my all time favorite slot game. I played Thunderstruck 2 after Immortal romance and I found the slots were very much similar in terms of designing of the game. Although I have played the slot for 10 odd times but never could mange a big win but the way free spin bonus feature is designed in the slot I think one could have a good win.
Irine 27 Sep 2018
The graphics in this game look far more impressive than the first which is to be expected but I should really stop comparing them there because bar the slight resemblance of the characters on the reels there is no other similarities, this game pays better, it has tons of additional features such as Odin's Ravens that can appear and award various multipliers on free spins and the action just never stops and there is the very real possibility to win BIG!!
katemak 27 Sep 2018
I especially hate it when two first scatters( Video Slots with bonus or free spins) come out on reels one and two and the third scatted never shows up or passes few times and never comes out, you know what i mean? Its horrible :( But to every story there are two sides, and some times, on a good day, you make a right choice and pick a good game - and it takes you on a roller coaster of excitement. You can walk into any Ladbrokes and cash out your money on the same day he use to say. Cool looking game i thought. In this game, if you get 3 hammers or more 5 times it opens up a new feature. I think its great because that way it keeps you interested in playing, makes you want to find out the next feature. With 15 free spins with wild magic feature. Odin was next with 20 free spins and the wild raven feature. When the feature starts you will see two ravens on top of the reels. With every spin one or two ravens would fly down to reel and award wilds with multipliers 2x or 3x. It awards you with 25 free spins with rolling reels and multipliers( from2x to 5x). Which means that if you get a winning combination it burns out, And the reels continue to tumble down. I promised to myself that once i get to the last feature i will bet max (3) per spin. I think i was on 18th spin and i only won like 8. I look down and the first three reels come out identical. At the mean time the multiplier has gone up to 5x and the reel are still coming out identical. And with every spin more things will burn away and more money i will get. I believed in it and it happened.
bogdangy 29 Jul 2018
I really enjoy most of these 243 way slot games, they play very differently to games with fixed lines, and it can be really disheartening that so many spins result in a win that is just way below the value of how much you paid to spin the reels this one in particular, the base game has very little potential so your going to be spending most of your time praying on hitting the scatter symbols if you want to see a decent win.
blondie 23 Feb 2018
Thunderstruck 2 was one of my first slots from Micogaming that I ever played, I loved it from the first time I played it and I still play it a lot after so many years, giving me the same excitement as it did, although it starts getting old. I really do not have a favorite free spin mode and every time I choose different mode. Anyway I like this slot very much and have won big many times here, it is one of my favorites.
stars_cream 23 Feb 2018
Probably the best feature of all to aim for is the Wild Storm feature, randomly activated in the base game, turning up to 5 reels into full Wilds, as in Wild Desire of Immortal Romance. Hmm, very hard to say, because each one can explode and pay out huge at any unexpected time, but I tend to prefer Loki and Odin a little bit more than Valkyrie or Thor. Comparatively, I now prefer Thunderstruck II than Immortal Romance, simply because Immortal Romance has lied to me so many times before with its zero, almost zero, and ridiculously low payouts from its numerous Wild Desire features! About 4 out of 10 Wild Desire features would pay less than 1x the total bet and I've had 3 straight consecutive times with zero payouts!
NextTimeWin 23 Feb 2018
One time i played it i had about hundred dollars win and that is the biggest win i had on free spin in Thunderstruck 2 so far.The fourth bonus in great hall is Thor feature but i never made it to unlock it because it needs 15 visits to great hall.I am guessing that this is the best feature out of four and i plan to continue my efforts to unlock it.
None 23 Feb 2018
You have to win this feature 5 times and unlock the next feature which is Loki with 15 free spins and wild magic feature. You have to trigger the free spins bonus too many times to unlock everything. Whenever I play in some Microgaming casino I try my luck with other slots that can pay high like Hitman on a small bet and than if my balance allows it I try my luck at Thunderstruck II.
wscalley 25 Nov 2017
Okay, so to begin Thunderstruck II is your 243 way wins video slot that I believe came from Asgard. Now I don't always expect to hit free spins on this slot because what agrees with me the most can come from not just basic winnings equipped under a 2x wild but it's the Wild Storm that electrifies my interest often! Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II and even The Finer Reels of life have similar/same features at the beginning. Awesome graphics, epic features that level up after a set of triggers and a super nice Wild Storm feature that likes my 3 - 4 coin bets.
hajnrih 28 Sep 2017
My biggest win (Wildstorm feature) was around 250 euros on a bet of only 0.3 euros. It was a wins of almost 1000 x bet but Thunderstruck has the potential to pay a lot more. Thunderstruck 2 is a game for which I do not have any criticism. Perfect graphics, realistic and unique atmosphere, also the game has the potential to good pay.
premsharma16 28 Jul 2017
I like the 243 ways video slots but when I check the game rules I saw it pays well only if I get wilds on the winning combinations or I trigger the free spin feature. The Thunderstruck 2 have only free spin feature but if you trigger it more and more you can choose different free spin features. Later when I triggered more free games I was allowed to choose from the different free games but the first one was the best for me every time.
zerooo 24 Apr 2017
Many games from this software has set free spins feature like this one, but I don't like it. And when I played Thunderstruck 2 the free spins feature was hard to trigger. The game has also wild storm feature which is randomly awarded. I remember last time when I hit this wild strom feature, I was playing at 0,6 bet stake. I don't have luck on it every time when I play it.
LordCronal 15 Mar 2017
I think this is one of the most popular microgaming game, but nowadays people for some reasons prefer IR than TS II, but i am prefer this game than IR. Game is really amazing, and i will not even spoil all the features and things, most likely you already know them all, but if you never played this game and reading my review, you should stop right now and just try this game.My best hit on base game i did not remember exact amount, but for 3 wild reels in wild storm i get something like x 300 total bet, which is great result i think.
bohemasoso 25 Feb 2017
But when I got back, didn't even manage to hit the bonus game and my balance was cut down to about 20$. Then there is also a Wild storm feature that I manage to trigger several times with not so special winnings, was quite a lot disappointed by the outcome, but it will be better next time. Overall really interesting and fun game with lots of features to play or trigger.
szirtisas 06 Feb 2017
This is Microgaming 243 ways slot game with a wild, scatters, free spins and randomly given WildStorm. The WildStorm feature is a random bonus feature which makes up part of Thunderstruck 2 and can occur randomly at any time you are playing the game(except during free spins). This time my bankroll allows me to play little bit more aggressive, and i start with a 3$per spin. Then I reduced my bet to 1.20$ per spin,and after my first spin the game give me WildStorm of the last three sectors.
LilianInThaHouse 06 Feb 2017
The game is based on four ancient gods namely thor , loki , valkyrie and odin which are also the symbols on the reels.
yapro 06 Feb 2017
All these slots are 243-ways-to-win games, have bonus features which need to be unlocked, and of course a random element turning reels into wilds, which can turn your session into a profitable endeavor. First time I started playing this game it took only like 20 spins before activating the free spins feature. So the free spins and features increase when you play this game often en activate free spins. The second time I played this game it took more than 1000 spins to activate the free spins.
zenekk87 06 Feb 2017
If it's a special feature, as in Wild Storm or Wild Desire features, then it MUST PAY something to justify its appearance!
Adebisi213 04 Feb 2017
It's difficult to explain that first experience when I actually got to play it, however - glancing over the paytable, I simply could not get my head around how crazily low the payouts were - maximum base game win for non wilds/scatters of just 16 x bet!?? Finally, Thors Thunder - the 25 free spins with rolling reels - again I had not seen anything like this the first time I came across it, and I really loved it. Although it didn't give me a win to top my Wild Magic hit, I still came away each time I chose it with a reasonable win, and to this day I always go for the rolling reels if my bankroll is running low and I need to be sure of winning something rather than nothing.
oneLoVegg 04 Feb 2017
Wagering requirements were 50 x the money won in those free spins so in my case 50x70 = 3500 and allowed only for slot games of course. When I was finished with the free spins I kept playing for a while and by the time I moved on to another game I lost most of my money.
raverbabe 04 Feb 2017
The game kind of reminds me of the Immortal Romance slot or maybe it's just me because they have similar feature as the free spins hall and the wild storm feature.The Thunderstruck II logo is the wild symbol and substituting all the symbols expect from the Thor's Hammer which is the scatter one. Triggering 2 Thor's Hammers will double your bet size, but if appears three of them you'll triggered the free spins feature which will start from Valkyrie free spins with multiplier X 5.

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