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aemakgol 26 Apr 2019
The Forgotten Land of Lemuria online video slot is powered by microgaming, and i play it few times, and so far i like it, of course there is much more better slots per my opinion, but at least this one not so bad like few others microgaming games. In this slot is possible to hit 5 wilds, but like at few others microgaming 243 liners, wilds here have no payouts, so if someone start playing this slot and hit 5 wilds, he will probably start to be happy, make screenshot, and then see that his payout is pretty crap.
None 28 Mar 2017
Forget the usual free spins features which most slot games award when hitting 3 or more scatters. First time I decided to play this slot was when I was 2,000 ahead after hitting some major wins on The Dark Knight. So I had the cash to spend playing some new slots including Lemuria. Basically the game has three Treasure Vaults (Water, Earth and Fire), and each offer 10 picks before advancing to the next round when you hit a specific symbol.
hajnrih 18 Feb 2017
I played this game on a min bet of only 0.25 euros per spin and probably because of that it took me ages to trigger the bonus. I have to say that I hit couple of good wins during the base game for some 5 of a kind symbols. There are some decent payouts during the base game and the bonus round so that is the reason I will play it again.
Adebisi213 24 Jan 2017
When I entered The Forgotten Land of Lemuria slot on for a starting $1 bet I hit the bonus right on my first spin! It happened and things like finishing a bonus round then finding one again right after is one of the best but most rarest occurrences I've ever experienced in some slots not including Lemuria though! Don't be disappointed to hear this but Lemuria has that bonus feature...but no entertaining free spins to really make 243 ways the way to produce climbable results! Be sure that in every round of the bonus always try to collect as many prizes as possible in the first two rounds and try to sway from the eye on the fire level. No Free spins, a great bonus I hit on my first spin that felt like a date with a famous female celebrity, way wins to have no problems in hitting combinations in any position so long as they appear in a row and the magical slot that I thought was girlie initially has made me realised it's not at all chick-like.

Microgaming The Forgotten Land of Lemuria Online Slot

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