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Magic Portals is a 5-reel, 3-row and 25-payline video slot developed by NetEnt casino slots producers – wizards of online gambling. Magic Portals is also a mobile slot game, which was made on purpose to improve mobile graphic experience and make it one of the most creative NetEnt mobile slots . Those who decide to play Dragon Sisters gaming slot will be pleased with its stunning graphics, amazing soundtrack, and the exciting features! If you can’t wait to try Dragon Sisters slot game free, play it right now at Slotopus!


There are two magic portals that do the trick.

Magic Portals Mobile Slot - Available on all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet

Magic Portals RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 96.6%

Magic Portals Casino List - Where to play Magic Portals slot for Real Money Online?

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sagar.agarwal.1865 28 Sep 2018
I dont think there has ever been a win of over 200 x bet and that may come once in 10 years. Which game pays 30 x bet win with 2 retriggers and a total of 30 free spins.
valentin68 21 Aug 2018
Magic Portals is one of the older NetEnt games but one which can still stand on its own by todays standards. Furthermore, during the free spins play, 2 additional portals are added to the 5th reel, making a stack of 3 portals, and increasing even more chances of getting wins from them. However, from my few tries at this game, there were times when the portals were paying out quite well and the free spins continuing on with more frenzy and better payouts. No luck yet for me on Magic Portals, even though I can see the good chances of making some nice wins.
hajnrih 21 Aug 2018
But be careful sometimes this crazy slot can steal money within very short period of time without awarding any decent win, something like once I lost 50$ with 0.50$ bets within 5 - 10 minutes, with max win something like 5 bets. I like normal play feature in this game. Could pay great money if some low paying symbols land on two portals, and also there will be many this symbols on reels.
blondie 21 Aug 2018
mainly i would use it in the feature to get more free spins. This game has only one feature and that is a free spins feature. the whole game play is amazing and i love the feature.
Afi4wins 21 Aug 2018
I say this because Magic Portals is one of the best NetEnt slots, although most of wins you have are small and although one has to play much to be rewarded. Here there are two magical portals to the right and left of the slot: when in the two portals is framed the same symbol, all the identical symbols from the reels will turn into Wilds. In 99% of the spins you do not have two identical symbols framed in the portals or you just end with 2-4 Wilds on the screen.
zerooo 22 Dec 2017
Magic Portals slot contains interesting feature, this is true. Feature made all such symbols of wilds, and this has great win potential, especially when there comes low paying symbols, (balls with any color), and if during this spins this balls appears anywhere - you win.
Raptordinos 28 Nov 2017
I play magic portals many times in different casino, and i quite like this slot, because in free spins it is good chance to get few retriggers and play a lot of free spins. Few times i am also had very bad playtime, when i can not trigger free spins for around 200-300 spins and no good wins come, but such things is gambling, and this happens usually, so i did not sad about it at all.
LilianInThaHouse 28 Nov 2017
Also if the free spin symbol appears on the magic portals located in reel 1 and reel 5 it will trigger 10 FS. It has a great potential for a good payout and in my experience when I was playing it with 0.50 bet per spin I had many magic portal wild transformations that gave me in some cases a really good amount of money and in some a very little amount. Unfortunately I didn't manage to hit the free spin feature, this still eludes me but I hope I will hit it soon in the near future when I play this video slot again.
oneLoVegg 28 Nov 2017
Magic Portals not seems to have a very promising paytable, but once you start playing you start to notice how often you match symbols on the portals located in the middle of reels 1 and 5 to transform standard symbols into wilds continuously, contributing importantly to sustain your balance until you can trigger a 10 free spins round, which is in my opinion the real promise of this slot.
winningfly 24 Sep 2017
Labeled as highly addictive proves that NetEnt 'brains' know very well what they want to do. Well, it's all up to you, whether you decide to play Magic Portals with your real money, or simply enjoy the game in the Fun or Demo Mode, like what I'm doing most of the time now, and losing the fun money into a magical slot that only knows to empty your pockets!
NextTimeWin 21 Sep 2017
Magic Portals video slot by NetEnt look awesome. Its kind of calling you to spin and play trough the reels and it has some dark appearance. Well, you should chase wins no doubt and knowing the pay-table plays an important role when it comes to your sessions. Magic Portal Wild Transformation is an interesting feature but I am disappointed in general because of its poor pay-table and fact you can't win big here.
cocopop3011 22 Jun 2017
The reason this game is called Magic Portals is because there are two portals on this slot- in the middle of 1st reel and on the same place on 5th reel and that is how you trigger bonus round, just by getting a free spins symbol on both portals. Having said all that, I do think that this game needs good bankroll because if it's in a tight mode, it can take your money quickly, that is why I usually play it with minimum bets of 0.25 or with 0.50 but not higher. Recently I spent some time with this slot and with minimum bets I played 1000 spins.
Adebisi213 25 May 2017
Well don't get so excited ,that was the only time i won that sum on this slot.After that I was playing and playing this game hoping that i will have the same luck or at least the half of it,but no.So that was the only time i won something big from Magic Portals ,but you know what is the funny thing,I never was paid from that casino.Hmm maybe that's why i won on it,because you cant get paid, well that's another story.
katemak 13 May 2017
Also perfect thing that it is not very hard to retrigger freespins, my record of played freespins is 30 only, but I think that it is possible to get much more, something like 50 - 60, you just need free spins scatter came at portal on reel 1, and on reel 5 there is not so hard like during main game. I can not remember terrible gaming, or awful feeling, but once I had 50 euros and played 0.25 euro bets, no any feature for me, and payouts was low, and I left slot with 30 euros. Not best slot of course, but good to try with 0.25 bets if you need some money.
bogdangy 12 May 2017
I managed to catch the free spins from the 12 euro that I transferred to casino balance, I won 11 euro from this feature, pretty acceptable thinking that I was playing on the lowest bet! For the graphics, theme and good music I will give a 9, also for the nice features, especially for the two portals and free spins I will give another 9 and for the payout rate only 8!
yapro 12 May 2017
I like this game because it offer a lot of wilds symbols and paytable is not so bad. I like too see other features, animations, design. The wilds transformations appears quite often and this is why I like the game. Lately when I was playing this game I had great time.
None 27 Apr 2017
The mini feature of the game is when the same symbols land on the portal on reel 1 and 5. Here you get two additional portals on reel 5 and you have a bigger chance of hitting the same symbols and getting more wilds on the reels.

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