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The game can now be found among other mobile slots by NetEnt, so check out Jack Hammer 2 mobile slot for your phone and tablet. The action goes on until all the wins possible are generated. Bright video clip in the beginning will tell you a comics-book animated story about the new baddies and the courageous detective Hammer. Pop-art icons come to life with this NetEnt online slot with brilliant retro animations and cartoоn-like graphіcs. Play Jack Hammer 2 slot by Net Entertainment for free with no download at Slotopus – constantly growing collection of online slots. Jack Hammer vs Slotopus is a pop-art-themed video slot by NetEnt – praised Swedish online slots developer.


You can bet a total of 10 paylines at once with your coin value varying from 1 to 50 cents.


Also, the audio effects are poorly presented, you only get to hear the reels moving and other technical, as one might say, sounds.

Jack Hammer 2 Mobile Slot - Available on all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet

Jack Hammer 2 RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 97.1%

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sagar.agarwal.1865 26 Apr 2019
More weirdness comes in the way the reels work on this game youll notice straight away there are no strips here. Sometimes you can go like 30 or more spins without seeing the top symbols appear on screen even once despite this 15 individual reels mechanic which definitely seems a little fishy to me.
stars_cream 26 Apr 2019
Powered by NetEnt, Jack Hammer 2 is a 5-reels 50-paylines game, playable from 0.50 cents bet per spin, which is common for any 50 paylines slots. Playing the game, I sometimes feel like taking this Jack Hammer game and smashing someone with it, for a good reason of course, but I would rather get some smashing nice wins instead. 3 or more Free Spins symbols trigger a Sticky Win feature game, where the reels with winning combinations are held in place and the other reels get a re-spin in order to create more wins. If there is a new winning combination, the re-spin feature will continue, until there isn't any more new wins on the reels.
Damian 26 Apr 2019
Such is the case with Jack Hammer slot machines, its first section has ignited the market in my case many times I got free spins promotion right on this slot machine. In the last few weeks I have not had a chance to play at this slot machine because of personal obligations, however I will certainly in the near future to re-visit this great game and to invest some money to my experience with Jack Hammer slot machines raised to a higher level.
raverbabe 26 Apr 2019
Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business is the sequel of one of my favorite slot and as usual happens the sequel is worse than the original. Also at this slot you can win free spins if you hit 5 or more scatter symbols.
LordCronal 27 Sep 2018
What I like about this game is the respin feature and that is free, like you are getting free spins all the time. But what I don't like about this game, the respins always happens when the lowest symbols lend on the reels, only few times I got Jack Hammer the main character on this game, lending on the respins feature as for the rest of the good paying symbols I don't remember I had any.
blondie 26 Sep 2018
Interesting thing, that to trigger free spins it is needed 5 or more scatters on this game, usually in slots it needed 3 only, but this slot 5 is minimum, but the reasons is because possible to get even 10 scatters here. Feature on this slot is sticky win, when i get any win , it is hold, and there comes respin. Interesting features on this slot, and i like to play it.
Brunotassano 26 Sep 2018
I liked the first part of the slot so I take the risk and started to play. The spins are the same like on the jack hammer 1 but the more lines gives more chance to get a winning combination and get a nice amount from the re spins.
yapro 18 Sep 2018
Payouts for most symbols are very low, and even full screen of symbols does not guarantee good win.
wscalley 29 Aug 2018
And to add, there's a regular Wild symbol that substitutes in the main game for everything, except free spins feature. And although it is hard for me to get free spins in this game because I mostly have 3 or 4 scatters, winnings in the main game are pretty good too and playing with minimum 0.50 bets it isn't hard to get at least 10 or 15 wins.
katemak 28 Aug 2018
First of all that I noticed when I started playing this slot is the sticky win, where actually when you have a winning line it will stick around while other symbols respin, this feature will continue with the respin as long as you have winnings. I only managed to get 10FS when I was playing and that happened thanks to the sticky win since it can occur with free spin symbols as well.
winningfly 29 Jul 2018
But be careful with it, because this is also mean 0.50 lowest bet, it is very high, and not play this slot if you not have 50+ euros on balance. I think Jack Hammer 2 slot is very good when you want to play long. My experience with slot is average, mostly times I played Jack Hammer 2 I get tired from it and left with almost same balance.
Th3 Runn3R 29 Jul 2018
I found this game to be a bit of a tease, it is very difficult for me to get the feature and when i do get it it is the smallest amount of free spins. I got only five couple of times and won 10 free spins. On my free spins max i won was around 18.
oneLoVegg 18 Dec 2017
I am a rare visitor of this game, because I do not like very much this sticky wins with low payouts, and also because it is hard to get feature. I like how sticky wins work.
NextTimeWin 24 Nov 2017
If you think that was pretty interesting to start off Jack Hammer 2, the sequel, then you're right! If Jack Hammer was playing with 25 lines before, now he wants you to play with 50 lines instead, all for the bee-you-tiful blondie Pearl of course. Game play wise, I must admit this sequel does a lot better. Not a lot, but I did better than in the other Jack. Everytime I play this Jack, I want to play with Pearl, but that Don Crabby is a real pest, he keeps taking away that girl! But, 15 Jack symbols only pay 50,000x the line bet now, much lower than the previous 75,000x. Ah well, Jack can wait, I've got better games where really big things can happen!
None 22 Sep 2017
First bad side is that you need too many free spins symbols to get that feature 5.
hajnrih 29 Mar 2017
Of course this is reason enough to play the game because every now and then you can have a big win depending on which symbols appear and how many times. If you get 3 free spin symbols the concept is the same as any win. They stay on the screen as the reels spin for as long as there are no more free spins symbols.
Afi4wins 17 Mar 2017
This slot game is one of the ten of those currently playing at Bet365 casino, as I noted in one in rewiev earlier. That's kind of true measure, which do not lose too much and also creates opportunities for gains in a series of spins. The largest Sticky Win gain today was 14 to 0.50 bet. Sometimes I get this game terribly annoying because there is almost no sound effects as the drum rotates, only in Sticky Win revive a bit. It's only objection to this slot machine, but this in no way affects the quality of the game and the amount of your cash winnings.
Johnajax 23 Feb 2017
The good thing Ill say right off the bat is that I love the Sticky Win feature every time you hit a win, you score an automatic and free re-spin, and if more winning symbols appear on any of the paylines, you are paid again and the process repeats.
Ahmo6 23 Feb 2017
They work a little differently to your average five reel slot game this one has effectively fifteen individual reels which are grouped together in stacks of 3 to make up something that looks like the traditional 5x3 slot machine layout, but plays very differently. What I can say for sure is that having the fifteen individual reels gives the possibility of getting a fullscreen of the same symbol on very spin a massive payout however your odds of doing so are even more astronomical than a game that has stacked wilds on each of the five reels.
RuMalimov 03 Feb 2017
From the first Jack Hammer this now has 99 Paylines rather than 25 paylines, the cost of bets have increase to twice as much as the first, the symbols are changed for the greater good which I don't have any problems with but from free spins it changed too! A bit of the time I find these extra wilds appearing randomly join my winning combinations in about 3 of the free spins only :( . The pros are, great graphics, and more paylines but the cons are lesser payout structures, costly coin bets for the average player, lowered free spins & multipliers that went down to 2x and finally my score for Jack Hammer is an 8 out of 10!
zerooo 03 Feb 2017
Few times I lost 50$ starting balance with min bets playing only this game, with terrible payouts. I really think that for sticky win feature slot it is possible to have something better.
Smijatovic 29 Jan 2017
I think Jack Hammer 2 is much better game than the first version. I think that NetEnt software saw some mistakes at first one and they bring the second version much more interesting. The main game I think is more interesting with sticky wins because it has much more paylines. I think this game is much more interesting to play it, I like the sticky wins mode in this game.
aemakgol 29 Jan 2017
Jack Hammer 2 also has Sticky Wins and wilds seems to be very common, so that is similar like in original version and in that slot you also need 5 scatters for getting free spins, so in that case these two slots are also quite similar. Unlike in original Jack Hammer, in this sequel winnings are multiplied just 2x, instead of 3x. Well, thanks to new Random Wild, which comes during every free spin in reels 2, 3 or 4, you have more possibility to win at least something, unlike in original Jack Hammer.
cocopop3011 23 Jan 2017
The feature is triggered by the wining bet line or 3 or more free spins symbols. The free spins feature is triggered when 5 or more free spin symbol appear on the reels. The slot has wild symbol which can substitute any symbol except the free spin symbols. The slot has good returns specially whenever I play.
Adebisi213 23 Jan 2017
I believe Jack Hammer used be some popular Marvel comics, but not in my country. The fun part about this game is that a winning bet line or a few free spins symbol (3 or more) activate the Sticky Win feature. It keeps re-spinning (for free) until there are no more winning combinations. I do find it hard though to get the top paying symbols to re-spin or to win anything at all with them.

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