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Among the game symbols you’ll find the giant, Jack, a chopper, and a rusty old watering can. As for the scatter symbol, look for a treasure chest to perform its magical function, while Jack and the Beanstalk stands for Walking Wild. You’ll be granted 10 free spins and your wins will be multiplied when you succeed to get three treasure chests together in a single line, and if you have a Wild – congratulations, you’re gonna get a re-spin. You will find Jack and the Beanstalk in the slot collection here at Slotopus, and it’s entirely free to play online. Jack and the Beanstalk is a 5-reel, 20-payline and 3-row video slot game by NetEnt – finest casino games developer on the market. The wild symbol is a glittering silver treasure chest, halfway open, glowing from the fortunes which lie within. This chest also acts as a substitute for every symbol except for the scatter symbols. With a payout of 500x the first bet, this treasure chest is full of riches that you want to appear again and again. When three of these appear, a bonus game is triggered. The amusing Mystery Jack casino free slot comes with 3 reels and 3 rows. The amazing adventures and astonishing wins wait for those who like to play free spins slots for fun in this funny game about rogue Jack with the Wild West theme.

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Jack and the Beanstalk RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 96.3%

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ek2001 26 Apr 2019
The first feature which is the part of base game itself is the moving wild feature where the wild when appears on the reels moves towards left awarding you a free spin until it is present on the reels and pays you 3X the wins. 6 keys are very much achievable and i have got a maximum of 8 keys but the good thing is that whenever the wild appears you get re-spins and since this wild converts to the above wilds depending upon number of keys , it becomes inevitable that you end up with low winnings. Elaborating the process would be a bit too long but you can imagine yourself getting 2 wilds on the reels that converts into 3 stacked wilds and that too on 4 or 5 reel which awards 3X winnings and with 5 re-spins free of cost.
yapro 26 Apr 2019
The best is when the walking wild starts from the last reel because it gives 5 free spin with the wild this way. I hit that feature many times but mostly it gives smaller amount but when I left the 0.2 euro bets and started to play on 1 euro (because I had more money with bonus wagering requirements) it showed me how can be very profitable the walking wilds.
winningfly 26 Apr 2019
My best guess, everybody knows how this fairy tale ends so I won't tell them further. So far I do like NetEnt's Jack and the beanstalk because it's nice looking graphics and outstanding gameplay and sounds. As NetEnt fans we all know that they have made some update on their games and this also applies to Jack and the beanstalk. I am assuming every player who had played this game had at least 1 massive win.
aemakgol 26 Apr 2019
When one of those wilds appear, all wins are multiplied by 3x, and the wild symbol will move up left each time after a spin. The main advantage of the wild is that it awards you at least a few free spins, depending on the position where the wilds land. You need 3 or more scatters to activate the free spins session. 2 scatters are useless though, since you don't win anything then nor receive any free spins. During free spins you collect keys on reel 5 which could unlock several other features.
katemak 26 Apr 2019
Jack and the Beanstalk is a good 3d slot game by Net productions. But I could trigger the free spin feature just once and I collected only two keys. In the main game the walking wild feature earns you few coins. But free spin feature was just disgusting at least in my game play.
LeoDubbed 24 Sep 2018
On the reel 5 is key symbol and when we collect some of them we unlock stacks wilds. I think it is hard to unlock all 3 stacked wilds, because you had only 10 free spins. I think this is high variance of game, because the free spins feature is really hard to get.
stewex555 18 Sep 2018
It is because of the wild symbols depending on where it lands....hoping it would be on the 5th reel anywhere, would respin a normal spin while it swayed to the left each time it did. That's Jack and the beanstalk's way of giving small free spins in my opinion. In order are 2 stacked money bag wilds, 3 stacks of golden hens and finally for 9 keys total an expanding golden wild harp! I had two spins left and the new wilds kept coming delivering many respins and each swaying to the left.
raverbabe 18 Sep 2018
If & when you do get the feature, you may well expect it to be a brilliant payout, but DON'T, yes there are stories out there that it can pay mega money & yes it can, but in reality those wins are very few & far between.
Afi4wins 30 Jan 2018
During the free spins at the 5th reel appears the golden key ,if you managed to collect 3 of them during the free spins the walking wilds get stuck with 2 money bags, if you triggers 6 golden keys that wild will be stuck with 3 gold hens and if you are that lucky collecting 9 keys then the wild symbols will expand with the golden harp, so with these bonuses you will have extra big winnings, well I only once managed to collect all 3 bonuses.
Damian 30 Jan 2018
Awesome normal play, absolutely crazy(sometimes) freespins feature. And could not mention special music during freespins, which change a bit with unlocking new wilds. It is not new game, so does not expect super perfect graphics and animations, but still everything is very cute and nice, I like it! I like normal play in this game. Also I like normal play because payouts in this game is good, and also wilds have x 3 multiplier, 5 jacks with wild will pay great!
cocopop3011 26 Dec 2017
The 'Walking Wild' and the 'Golden Key' are special features in this game. Whenever a Walking Wild appears on a reel, you are guaranteed of re-spins for as long as they are on the reels. These Walking Wilds can appear both in the base game and in the Free Spins game too, and it's the most thrilling symbol in my opinion. In the Free Spins game, a Golden Key symbol may appear on reel 5, and fills one space in the collection meter at the bottom of the game screen. Those Expanding Harps are definitely the best feature in this game, with really huge win possibilities.
ukasz G. 26 Dec 2017
I'd only been gambling a few weeks and I remember getting free spins on this slot playing at the minimum bet of 20p. If your walking wild appears on reel 5 this will give you 5 free spins with the walking wild moving to the 4th reel, then the 3rd and so on till it's gone from your screen. The other great thing about this slot is the free spins feature.
spintowin25 26 Dec 2017
Not sure if everyone accept such my decision, but based on other players and my own experience, this game is really great. Running wilds, when i get wild on 5 reel, it will move to left till the end, and thats give this slot some potential even in base game, but to be honest i never get more than 100 x total bet during base game, and not sure if someone get it.
NextTimeWin 26 Dec 2017
I got four wilds on reels and won in total over 30 on a 0.40 bet. There is also a feature in this game and to get it you have to get three or more treasure chests anywhere on the reels. I probably played almost 100 spins before i got it. I got 10 free spins with a chance to unlock more wilds.
bogdangy 07 Dec 2017
Net-Ent have stayed pretty true to the story symbols including Jack paying 1000 for 5 ok, goat, watering can, giant and ax symbols each paying between 125x and 750x for 5 of themHowever these symbols can all be multiplied by 3 with a walking wild!! The walking wild is the best part of Jatb because it literally strolls along from right to left for up to 5 spins and can start again should another walking wild land on the reels! Trust me you have to play this game not only is it fun the walking wilds can make it superb value for money because you can still get free spins when it is active! These wilds also walk along the screen right to left pausing your free spins countdown! Next when you get 3 more keys you unlock the golden goose this is a stacked symbol and again you can get a lot of these at once even one is not to be discounted as that one goose can keep the free spins going long enough to unlock the expanding harps! Up to 5 harps can appear at any one time producing an astonishing win (600)at min bet and these also walk along your screen!
Adebisi213 07 Dec 2017
But the slot in this review is based on the old story, where the giant is the bad guy, and Jack is the good guy.However, I cannot say, that this slot is bad. I suspect that if I had played this round I would had been able to get back on track, but even so I did not lost too much.This means about 5 Euro (playing at minimum total bet of 20 cents/20 paylines) after 100 spins which is not really an excessive amount.The wins here are nice mainly due to a feature called walking Wild.I mean when a Wild exists on a reel it will move one step to the left, giving each time a free spin until it will come out of the screen.
blondie 25 Sep 2017
Unfortunately I can not remember awesome wins during main game, few times I had three wilds on payline, but payout was something like 3-4 euros at 0.2 bet size, of course it is not very decent. Most interesting in this slot is of course freespins feature, you need to collect at least 3 keys to have good wins(based on my experience).
RuMalimov 26 May 2017
So far I have a few times got 100x bet win but it always is because of the great free spins feature. In the free spins game you have to collect keys, each 3 keys unlocks new wilds level and they appear only on 5th reel. Great is fact that the walking wild is on the free spins game too it gives re-spins in which you can collect the keys. The last I played this game I got the free spins but I managed to get only 5 keys, so the winning I got was quite small, around 15x bet.
premsharma16 15 Apr 2017
I played this slot game at many online casinos like Unibet,Sportingbet or Betsafe but everytime I won little money,no major winnings!I managed to catch the free spins a lot of times and they paid me well but I didnt managed to collect more than 4 keys to unlock more Wilds!
None 28 Mar 2017
But whats great and original in this game is the walking wild symbol feature. For every wild symbol you get on reel 2, 3, 4 or 5 it starts moving from left to right after every spin and the spins are free. So with this feature you can have some nice wins in the bonus round or in the base play game. I had some of my biggest wins in base play when I get 2 wild symbols on the reels.
hajnrih 28 Mar 2017
This respins is quite often on this slot, and sometimes it is boring, because to get big win player need few wilds, or nice line, but it is hard to get it on the base game. My personal experience with this slot is one of the best across all netent slots, i have many features on this game, and many times i collect 9 keys.
bigdk88 28 Mar 2017
I am also a one of them who love this slot for it is nice graphic, interesting sounds, and one of the most interesting free spins rounds among all net entertainment slots. To get free spins you need to collect at least 3 chests, or 4 of them, or 5. In free spins there are 3 types of wilds, to unlock them you need to collect keys, key appear only on reel 5.
valentin68 29 Jan 2017
Jack and the Beanstalk is a 5 reel, 3 row video slot that features Treasure Collection in Free Spins, and Walking Wilds with re-spins. Recently I used auto play option most of time and I appreciate it. Dont forget that wild symbol pays only the highest possible winning combination on a bet line.
Jodie23 29 Jan 2017
That wild symbol is even more important than usual in this game, because every time you hit one you automatically receive a free respin and the wild symbol moves one position to the left, and this will continue until there are no wilds visible on the reels, meaning you can get an awful lot of free spins even without hitting three or more scatter symbols. You'll need a couple of these retriggers to stand a good chance of hitting nine or more keys, I have only managed this a couple of times and its even more difficult to get a decent number of the expanding harp wilds afterwards, but as with all slot games, chasing these hits is what its all about!

NetEnt Jack and the Beanstalk Online Slot

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