Seriously, EggOMatic slot by Net Entertainment is a must-try for anybody. Browse our collection to find more free stuff by NetEnt. EggOMatic is a 5-reel, 3-row and 20-payline video slot produced by NetEntertainment company.


There’s this witty machine, the EggOmatic, producing eggs at random and sending them up on a conveyor belt above the reels. If the Wild chicken catches one of these, you’ll win the exact number of Free Spins written on the egg. The rainbow (close enough) egg is the rarest one and it awards either a coin win, a Free Spin or a Spreading Wild.

EggOMatic Mobile Slot - Available on all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet

EggOMatic RTP - The Return to Player for this slot is 96.5%

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Raptordinos 27 Sep 2018
The machine fire out different kind of things like money, free spins and wilds. I never won free spins or wilds. I don't think this game could bring you big money, into paytable many thing were better than while I was playing it.
hajnrih 27 Sep 2018
Every spin gives you the chance of winning something extra as the little fire machine pops out certain things, like extra money, free spins, expanding wilds. These appear at the top of your reels and there is potential that you could have one of these features on top of every reel, all you need to do to win the feature is to get a wild on your screen.
cocopop3011 27 Sep 2018
This is probably a 3D game because the graphics are excellent and beautiful, even though the icons are a little small in size. As can be expected from nearly all of NetEnt games, the paytable of Eggomatic is on the very low side, and the Wild symbol dont pay anything except create wins with it. The features in Eggomatic are triggered whenever an egg is caught by the Wild Rooster, the Wild symbol. Payouts are mostly chicken ones I mean little small ones. The Big Wins may look good but they are usually only about 10x 20x the total bet amount, which doesnt excite me at all.
oneLoVegg 16 Sep 2018
There was no beginners luck because I lost 40 euro playing it, I did get one bonus round thou but with no big win so I let this game be and not even give it another try. It's the eggs that came out of the EggOmatic machine that kept me playing it because if you saw a rainbow egg or a free spin egg you need to have it. The free spins bonus gave me a wonderful over 60 euro winning.
Adebisi213 16 Sep 2018
This game is so interesting because getting bonus (coin, spins, spreading wilds, surprise) isn't like on other games - when you get 3 scatters you play free spins. I guess luck wasn't with me as I only once catched an egg and it was a 100 coin win, and since I was playing with minimum bets, it gave me only 1 win. The free spins egg and coin wins appeared surprisingly often but the wilds were dead, they came rarely and not in the right time.
Afi4wins 21 Aug 2018
It wasnt an interesting game for me when I opened it first time because the graphics arent so good but the symbols are very well designed! The payout rate seemed to be a decent one even if I played the free spins only one time but I managed to make some money from only 10 free spins!
None 28 Apr 2018
Putting this aside the game has many other features like the Spreading Wild, Free Spins Egg, Coin win eggs and Surprise Egg. All these feature are the reason why this game is interesting, because you dont have to hit 3 bonus/scatter symbol to trigger them, you just need a wild symbol that must appear in the same reel the egg is above, something like the Rabbit in the Hat slot. I really enjoyed every time that I triggered this feature since it always gives a decent win. I played the slot at 0.60$ and after a really long period of playing I was in a losing streak that fortunately ended when I got a 125 x win in the main game thanks to this Surprise egg.
sagar.agarwal.1865 28 Apr 2018
By the way I catched 50 freespins about 3 times, each time I had more than 200 bets win in feature. I catched all kind of eggs in this game, but of course most sweet it is 50 freespins and top cash prize. To catch egg - on following reel should appear wild symbol. Feature is same in freespins, but with difference that from start you have eggs on 5 reels, and each freespins new egg appear. I really love to play it, a lot of fun and great spins, because you never know when next egg appear and what egg it will be.
yapro 28 Nov 2017
It is noteworthy the enormous progress that NetEnt has made on design to incorporate 3D animations on their slot machines, but additionally Eggomatic has something that looks pretty interesting, and it is its special features do not require scatters or any other symbol, except wild symbol, to activate its special features, and this is a big draw, as well the player has more chances to complete their normal lines, for example, in other slots, often the appearance of a bonus symbol interrupted me a line of 5 of a kind. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols in addition to participating in the activation of the special features.
bogdangy 28 Nov 2017
There is no awesome big wins for me, but it is real pleasure to open this game each time, watch preview movie before slot start! Prizes for eggs is different, there can be coins egg (most often), freespins eggs (number of freespins vary, up to 50 freespins in one egg, saw it couple of times, but never hit), egg with wilds (couple of wilds added on reels, can pay very good if land in nice time and on nice place), and surprise egg (no one know what is there, one of the random prize, just some extra fun).
Th3 Runn3R 28 Nov 2017
NetEnt has proven it can basically cover any theme possible when they release a new slot. It could be a nice big prize, but also free spins, spreading wilds or a surprise egg. To win the prize you need to get a wild on the reel below the egg. The minimum bet for this game is 0.20, but I usually used to play around 0.60 per spin. I usually used to get around 12 free spins I believe, but it could have been more or less.
zerooo 29 Oct 2017
This is also because I thought the slot has lot of idle or non wining spins initially. I have never won 100 free spins in my game play in any slot. The best part of free spins is that there is a featured egg above every reel so this really boosts up your wining.
blondie 29 Sep 2017
Most time i play this game at 0.60 bets, sometimes at 0.40, but never at 0.20 bets, i did not like to play with such bets, it is not interesting because for example x 100 win will pay only 20$, not great at all. This game has feature, when in this slot at up there is a line, and at random automatic place there eggs. Also here is egg of extra wilds, they appear from left and right side, and it is possible to have wilds on every place, but i never see this.
Ahmo6 21 Sep 2017
While you are spinning you will see many symbols of : free spins egg, wild egg, coins egg, surprise egg but none of them comes with actual value and it all end on their appearance on the screen. Wild symbol seems to pay zero here. Spreading Wild Egg feature can be activated in the main and Free Spins game.You can win from 7 up to 50 free spins and additional free spins can be won. Surprise egg symbol is my favorite.
winningfly 18 Sep 2017
Luckily at reel one when my hopes was almost broken wild appears and I get this nice win, that was really awesome feeling. I play this slot rarely with more than 0.4 bet, because sometimes it is hard to get nice eggs, or there is appeared many really good eggs, but wilds just did not want to show up.
katemak 28 Jun 2017
I played that many many times and I don't remember that I was having some good or solid winnings on it. Well I will play this slot again and again and I might get lucky someday and win some great sum.
LilianInThaHouse 28 Jun 2017
Still even with a poor paytable the game can provide some nice wins. The game play is very interesting because on top of the slot you have a conveyor belt that moves one position after every spin and you get eggs with different symbols on them. You can get expanding wilds, free spins, cash prizes or a mystery egg which will provide one of the previous features.

NetEnt EggOMatic Online Slot

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